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Of all the cosplay groups I've been a part of this year, the one I'm most looking forward to doing again is No Game No Life.
The show was brilliant and beautiful, witty and nothing short of heart warming. I think it's nearly impossible to watch it just once!
I loved being Steph, but I loved seeing my friends as Shiro, Sora, and Jibril even more. It was one of those nights where you're aware just how much you're bringing the characters to life!
Sora: Patrick Bubblepop
Shiro: Angelipon
Steph: Jenni Bon
Jibril: Valley Bunny
It's a really good one! I watched it a few weeks ago, and quite enjoyed it ^.^ I did find how Sora and Shiro treated Steph a bit mean, though lol
This is my new addiction. I've watched this anime three times so far.