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I know a lot of fans were hoping for a longer message from our Hyun Joong today. We were hoping to hear about how he is doing and a bit of info on his heart condition. It may feel a bit frustrating that he was so brief.
know what though: it says it all. He does everything with sincerity for those he loves and it includes his beloved fans! We know he is a man of few words and struggles to convey his heart feelings. I understood him loud and clear. He is so thankful and he only wants to be his best so he can feel deserving.
He has gotten our messages of love and he is in awe. He wants to work hard to give us what we are all waiting for: his comeback. His more mature self that he promised us. He always keeps his promises. We will see an amazing Kim Hyun Joong in 541days. We love him no matter what. But he wants to be better. He wants to be his best! And we support him at all times. I know he will never doubt that in the future. Henecia and KHJ. A proven unbreakable bond.
"I always do my best while thinking of everyone" Nothing more needed to be said. I love you. I miss you. I'll see you soon. I have gained strength from your constant Love and Support. Look forward to the best I can be. That is how I show you that you are my beloved Family, Friends and Fans! My Blessing: Henecia! Every thought and effort are Only for You!
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wow, the artist is wonderful. The look just like him. They kind of distract you from your message a little though. He's so pretty and all. lol.
wow so amazing.
@tashabitner no lol! I gave credit to the artist i got them from on Twitter. she have me her permission to use them. I love his fan art abd collect them. I use them alot on my blog with credit and permission.
holy shit!! did youmdraw all these?? no way!! they're so good!!