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J.J. Martin, the editor-at-large of Wallpaper* Magazine and founder of, has a bright and cheerful vintage style that never fails to catch our eye. She mixes and matches simple silhouettes with bright and crazy prints, and accessorizes every look to a T. If you're wondering how to get her look, I broke it down to its main elements below.
Bright Stripes.
When it comes to color and print, Martin says yes to cheery patterns in vivid colors that take a simple silhouette to head-turning status. One pattern she favors are stripes of bright color, often made up of intricate patterns and embellishments organized into stripe formation. The effect always makes us take notice and smile.
Fifties Button-Up Dresses.
Martin has a super retro style, and often favors dresses over pants, and longer dresses over miniskirt hems. Many of her favorites button up the front in an adorable but sophisticated 50's housewife style. To keep a longer skirt from overburdening her frame, she opts for silhouttes that fit close to the body in the bodice.
A fan of fur.
While I don't necessarily condone the wearing of fur, Martin certainly loves it. A fur-trimmed collar or full jacket of fur takes any look to another level. If you're a friend to the animals, or just on a budget, faux fur will get the job done with a similar effect.
Belted dresses.
Martin loves long midi and maxi a-line dresses. One way that she adds to her ensembles and makes sure the dresses are figure-flattering is by cinching them in at the waist with a belt. From big pink butterfly belts to skinny snakeskin, she has a killer accessory collection and belts make her retro dresses that much better.
Martin masters the perfect mix of cute patterns and sophisticated silhouettes to come up with a vintage-inspired look that's all her own... but we might borrow from her look now and then.