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There are plenty of them.

I didn't think anything could follow Josh Groban crooning Kanye West tweets but I was so so so wrong.
Trump has a very diverse set of tweets ranging from his opinions on global warming to his thoughts on Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattison (the really important stuff!!)

"Robert Pattison should not take back Kristin Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog and will do it again -- just watch."

As bad as his tweets are, I could listen to Josh Groban sing pretty much anything. Grocery lists, a math textbook or any sort of legal document, he'd make it sound amazing. @nicolejb I totally get your obsession with Josh Groban now. In your words "The man. The voice. The legend."

He really does have the voice of an angel.

Josh Groban for president!

I feel like if we made an official Funny Community bae list, Josh would be on it somewhere next to Chris Pratt.
yeah, it wouldn’t even matter what he said. it would all be beautiful @LauraFisher!
@nicolejb can you imagine his candidacy? It would be amazing. I would totally vote for him, especially if he sang every speech.
YES! Thank you for tagging me in this because Josh Groban is both my love and my spirit animal. I would totally be his campaign manager for the presidency!
omg @danidee is that do-able?! Christ Pratt is ultimate bae but I would also like to nominate Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart/Jim from The Office/so many more. SO many comedy baes