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Its Wednesday and that means I am so tired of waking up early that I am considering quitting at life and becoming a professional smuggler. Which is an actual thing.
So as I laid in bed, waiting for my alarm to go off (doesn't everyone wake up 1 minute before their alarm), I wished my bed wasn't so damn perfect, because then I would never have a problem getting up!
So, here are some of the fool proof ways that you can make your body ache to get out bed.

Buy a very uncomfortable bed.

Im talking a Flintstone bed made out of some limestone rock. With a hard, crusty, and mostly painful bed, no one would want to sleep in.

Sleep with a wet blanket.

Nothing and I mean nothing is worse then a wet blanket. Except wet socks. Actually a wet blanket is like a wet sock that covers your whole a wet blanket is WAY WORSE.

Make your room too hot to stand.

Pretty much roast yourself out of bed. The sweating will drive you crazy.

Leave toast crumbs and sand on your sheets.

Ughhhh I am itchy just thinking about this. Trying to get comfortable with old, stale crumbs scratching against your skin rather then soft sheets #nightmare.

Make your room have a very foul oder.

I'm thinking leaving some pickles, an old can of tuna, a forgotten sandwich under your bed. The heat will make it smell even worse. Win Win right?

Go to sleep hungry.

Pretty sure the only thing that actually gets me out of bed on the weekends is my grumbling stomach. So go to bed hungry because once morning comes you will get right out of bed to enjoy a bacon egg and cheese.
@SatyaKaul hahaha i know i knowwwww no matter how hard it is to drag myself out of bed i would still rather be cozy then miserable
that's just absolutely nuts. There is no way
Go to sleep hungry works like a charm. Especially on weekends.