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This morning at work, my co-workers were fan-girling over new movies coming out. I sat there quietly. Even my boss who's pretty terrible at pop culture knew what they were talking about. And I thought to myself, "my god...what kind of heavy rock (not music) have I been sleeping under?" But you see, this is my life over all things concerning pop culture. Since I never watch television, or keep up with the next-hottest-thing and which-celebrity-banged-who, I am totally in the dark about a lot of things. I do know who the Kardashians are, though. So I guess I am not that terrible? Right???

"Hey! Let's go to trivia!"

Going for a night of trivia feels worse than sober karaoke. Because no matter how much you drink, the answers won't come to you. And you sit there at the bar thinking, how the hell do people stuff this much pop culture knowledge into their heads?

When In Doubt, Secretly Google The Answer

After a handful of moments when everyone gives you that what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you stare for not knowing who someone is, you just sit silently. Instead of asking who or what something is, you just Google the answer.

Ask The Tumblr Experts (But Go As ANON)

Asking pop culture question under ANON just saves your from public internet ridicule. But just hope there's someone out there who wants to ask the same question.

"I Know You Love Salsa Music -- Who's Your Favorite Musician?"

You love listening to a certain genre of music, but sometimes you just can't remember the name of the music artist you listen to everyday. I're just bad at names, right?

You Learn To Fake It

Sometimes you just end up making believe you know a pop culture thing. It just makes things easier. Some people just don't get how you know so much about the intricacies of social issues, but can't name out pivotal musicians or artists. But it is what it is.
@christianmordi "fleet" wow, that is so new to me. Lol. Thx. @alywoah I learned another word not long ago "Thot", which means "that h-- over there". I heard it once before by some 5th graders at my school and it blew my mind. Sometimes when I speak to them and they ask me if I ever heard this song or that song or that artist, my face is just one huge question mark. Lol. I should take a course on it and have this kids teach me. Lol.
I think I used "fleek" to describe one of your cards @alywoah , but from what I understand it's like saying something has a supreme level of quality.. like ummm.. "nails on fleek" = her (or my) nails look very good at the
I haven't known what's popular since I hit middle school.
This kills me!
Hahaha this reminds me of my sister. I make fun of her all the time because she'll be the very last person to discover whatever's trending right now. Aka, she JUST started watching Parks and Rec.
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