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Same chair. Different ass.

Blah, blah, blah I miss Jon Stewart tons, but I suppose it's time for me to finally move on. Comedy Central is helping me out with its newest promo for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
The ad starts out pretty intense, Kanye West's "Power" getting me hype for Trevor Noah to take over.....but then, in true Comedy Central fashion, it gets silly. Trevor adjusts the seat height for one last hilarious dig at Jon Stewart's shortness.
It's perfect. Short, sweet and funny. Just the way Jon would have done it. But a few things have changed - the set, the suit and most importantly, the host. It's perfectly representative of Trevor's attempt to make the show his own, while keeping the most important elements the same. He recently spoke to TV critics, emphasizing that his end goal, calling out the bullshit, is the same one that Jon aimed for when he was behind the desk.

“The show still has its voice. It’s just that I’m at the helm.”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will premiere September 28. Good luck Trevor, you've got big shoes to fill.

The moment the Yeezy came on, I internally "Yaaass"ed.
wait i think he's gonna do really well!! at least i hope so ...
Right @danidee it got me so pumped.