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It all started with a tweet.

You know by now that Hayley Atwell is fandom's darling. If you don't know her, she's currently best-known for her role as Peggy Carter on Marvel's Agent Carter. And fans love her. Not only does she tweet about fan art, but she demands better representation from Hollywood. And a few days ago, a fan asked her an innocent question. "Would you like to be on Doctor Who?"

She would like to BE Doctor Who.

That's right, she's ready to play the titular Time Lord. If you're not familiar with Doctor Who, the main character is a Time Lord. You know, an alien. He doesn't die per se, he regenerates. That's how Matt Smith and David Tennant have both played the same character. And we learned that Time Lords are able to regenerate as a different assigned gender. Which means that it's totally canonically possible for the next Doctor to be played by a woman.

While there's no reason to think this will happen any time soon, who would you want to play the Doctor?

I'll include my picks- share your own in the comments!

Hayley Atwell

Since she's the one that started this whole thing (and I totally have a crush on her), she'd be my top pick. She's a very talented actress, she LOVES everything geeky, and I'm sure she'd bring passion and enthusiasm to the role. All of the people who have played the Doctor in recent years have celebrated the character and the spirit of the show, and I have no doubt she'd do the same.

Helen Mirren

Because she's so well-established, working for Doctor Who would essentially be a charity project for Mirren. That being said, she would bring both gravitas and warmth to the character. Especially since she'd be following Capaldi's run as the Doctor (which is a more of a curmudgeon than previous versions), her wit and joy would be interesting to see.

Vinette Robinson

You might recognize her from BBC's Sherlock, where she played Sally Donovan. Vinette Robinson isn't as well-known as the other people on this list, which means that she'll be freer to offer a fresh interpretation of the character. Though the character she plays in Sherlock is a little abrasive, her strength would actually be the empathy that the Doctor has. Any version of the character she played would really emphasize the genuine care the Doctor has for everyone in all of time and space.

Rose Leslie

You know her from Game of Thrones, where she showed the ease with which she can portray both playful and dangerous. And of course there's one perfect reason for her to play the Doctor: FINALLY GINGER. She'd be a great addition to the Who universe.
There's no way to know for sure what anyone would bring to the role without seeing them in action. And while Moffat seemed very proud of introducing the possibility of a female Doctor, he also didn't seem keen on following through on the idea any time soon. But I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts! Is there an actress you'd like to see play the Doctor?
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Oooh! All this talk of redheads made me think of Jessica Chastain. She'd be wonderful!
Just tossing this out, both as a plot twist and as female Doctor: why not someone who was once a companion? Either a previous actress (such as Karen Gilliam) taking on a different version of the doctor from her original character, or a new actress written to know a tad more of their current adventures than she should. Have the actress tale a generation or two of, then return as the Doctor.
@shannonl5 Yeah, I was thinking of Doctor Donna. I keep thinking she is this little wild card tucked away that Moffat can always go back to when he needs to trip us up. Who knows that man is thinking? I think that is what makes Doctor Who such a great show. All of the writers are so imaginative and they aren't scared of throwing complete curve balls right in our faces, you know? Ahhhh Jessica Chastain?! So pretty and an amazing actress! I've never seen her in a role quite like The Doctor, but she is a great actress. @WayneWinquist I'd Love to see some way for Karen Gillian to become the Doctor, but I don't see how it could happen, logically, based on the story thus far. Do you have idea that I'm missing? 'Cause seriously, I love Karen. <3
@ButterflyBlu, with the established companions the best way to utilize them as the new Doctor would be to play on the conflict of being able to change into a form similar to one of his companions - along with the possibility of bringing back already established Doctors (such as, since we're talking Karen, Matt Smith) to reprise their roles in an adventure or two where the companion's in two places at the same time (and thus the doctor running into "himself" yet again.) The big problem with this - since some of it is already-treaded material in other time-travel adventures - is balancing things so that the topic doesn't become old, retread over too much genre-based landmines, and keep it fresh enough to keep the new Doctor interesting. So yes, established companions like Karen are doable, though to keep it as fresh as possible, it might have to start with the next companion.
oh wow @WayneWinquist that's a REALLY cool idea! I would love to see one of the companions return like that. I feel like Freema Agyeman (Martha) would be cool to see again... especially since they reused her what, twice already? That could actually be a fun meta joke or something. Or maybe they could use it- instead if being the 'cousin' that Martha had, it could have been the Doctor the whole time? Maybe that would be too much of a conflict but I would be so intrigued to see how the writers dealt with that! @ButterflyBlu I would also adore seeing Karen Gillan in the role. I feel like it would be extremely different from Amy in an amazing way