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Aint nobody got time for lengthy DIY projects. This is where my new collection "3 step DIY's" comes in.
Today's DIY comes from Natural Fit Foodie (three things I'm definitely not). Here, we condense this cute DIY air freshener into three steps.


Gather your supplies. You're going to need a mason jar of somesort. Any will do. You can find all different kinds of them at your local craft store. Pick one that speaks to you or whatever.


Fill the jar with baking soda, any brand, and choose the scent you want it to have. You can use lavender, lemon or pretty much anything you want. Essential oils are a great resource for scenting things. They can also be purchased for pretty cheap at any local health food store or online. For the kitchen, Lemon is great. For the bathroom, Lavender is great. But you could literally put anything in here, so go wild.


Garnish your little creation with some burlap and a ribbon. This specific fabric allows the scent to escape from the jar, and gives it that DIY-like rustic, shabby chic look. You can decorate however you want, but the ribbon and burlap make it easier for you to change the baking soda and oil concoction when the thing wears out over time.
See? Easy as 1...2...3!
Check out the Three Step DIY collection for more condensed projects!
@Animaniafreak yes! Just drip them in there, they last 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how much you put in. I recommend like 10 drops because they'red really concentrated.
Also no guilt needed!
Oh @DaniaChicago I LOVE your cards. I just am so ridiculously impatient and like, bad at diy stuff lol. I wish I could do the things on yours! Different strokes for different folks :))
I feel so guilty @TessStevens because my diy cards are long and complex sometimes. Like, there's lots of steps and such. You got me thinking that I should trim it down to easier/faster diys.
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