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TV's most eligible (and unfortunately fictional) bachelors!

These bromantic doctors definitely want to marry each other, but that doesn't mean we can't day dream about which of the two we'd like to end up with! They're both total catches but have really different personalities, so let's get down to it and figure out which docs we should end up with!

The earnest, innocent sweetheart.

Oh JD. He's such a sweet guy, always doing the right thing. He's got the best intentions and knows when to take a situation seriously. He's also a total daydreamer, and it can be nice to be with someone who has such an awesome imagination. That being said, he's definitely a head-in-the-clouds guy, sometimes coming off a bit naive. You might want a guy who is a little more serious, but either way, JD is the sweetheart of Sacred Heart Hospital.

The driven, rational goofball.

Turk is a great combination of personality traits. He's stable and rational, but silly at the same time. He's logical when he needs to be, but also knows how to let loose and have a good time. Turk can be super competitive (that's how he made his way to Chief of Surgery), and you might be looking for a guy who's a little more laid back. He's still an awesome guy, and the glue that holds Sacred Heart together.
I'm swooning just thinking about both of them, but I'd definitely rather end up with Turk. I like a little stability combined with the desire to drop everything and have a dance party.

Which Scrubs doc to you want to marry??

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I love scrubs, as you already know. It is so funny, me and my best friend both love the show and we sometimes joke around and act like them. I am a total J.D. btw, and he is Turk. Internal scrubs jokes we share are one of the bests haha.