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Cara Delevigne has officially announced that she's done with modeling for good. Though she praises elements of the fashion world for producing artistic and inspiring work, she recently confessed that as a model-turned-actress, she has no intentions of returning to modeling. The 23-year-old has been working as a model since the young age of 11, and commented recently on the horrible sexual harrassment and exploitation of young models that she cannot continue to condone as a supermodel and role model to young girls everywhere.

Because we love and respect Cara for her decision, let's take a look back at her best work.

Magazine covers

Cara has been a top choice to pose on covers of magazines, from many international Vogues to more local alternative mags. Above are her covers for Vogue UK March 2013, W October 2014, Vogue July 2015, and Allure October 2015.

The Catwalk

Despite her trademark bone structure and bold brows, she has been able to transform herself to walk runways for so many top designers over the years. Above are shots of her in shows for Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014, Jeremy Scott Fall 2013, Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012, Peter Pilotto Spring 2014, Givenchy Spring 2015, and Marc Jacobs Spring 2014,

Ad Campaigns

Known as a Karl Lagerfeld favorite, Delevingne has appeared in numerous ad campaigns for Chanel, Fendi, DKNY, and Mulberry, just to name a few. Her recognizable face has graced the pages of magazines and been stretched out over billboards.

Street Style

Cara has a seriously fashionable and androgynous personal style. She makes suits sexy and sweatpants stylish, with the help of a designer wardrobe. What makes all of Cara's laid-back, occasionally masculine style work so well? The ultimate "I don't care" attitude.

It doesn't look like we'll be seeing less of Cara as she's become a red carpet favorite and intends to stay in Hollywood, but the fashion industry sure will miss her!

I agree, @marshalledgar. Her unorthodox runway style is exactly what made designers like Lagerfeld fall in love with her, so if it works, why is it bad to work it? I'm interested in seeing what happens to the modeling industry following her departure since I'd like to think enough people will pay heed to her story, but I also know that the industry is so dramatically romanticized that enough young girls sign themselves up, year after year.
Cara's gotten so much hate online for her attitude on the runway. She certainly has a blase attitude that you can read. But doesn't bother me. She's also gotten the worst scorn because of how "free" she is on any of Lagerfeld's Chanel runway shows. But my opinion on it is, Lagerfeld gives ALL of the models freedom to own the runway. Her masculine and often sloppy cadence is part of what made her a star and the most looked at model on the runway. Karl was smart. With freedom comes responsibility. I think Cara's departure is another nail in the coffin for the modeling industry as she brings light to the grim reality of what it means to be a young aspiring model in a depraved world.
She definitely is, @allischaaff, but she's spoken in different interviews about all the problems she has with the modeling industry, including not finding that side of fashion fulfilling/being too hollow a world, and all of the sexual harrassment that happens behind the scenes, so I think she has a good reason to leave. My guess is that she's famous enough now that she can pursue other ventures and still succeed to some extent.
Interesting. I'm surprised someone so hot in the modeling world is leaving for good, though! She could make so much money if she stayed! I'm not all that educated on the world of fashion, but I feel like she's in high demand right now. Such a recognizable face.
I haven't seen it, @allischaaff... I heard she got mixed reviews for her performance but she's also so widely loved that I'm guessing she'll be able to act more after this.
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