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I got this idea from @SharayahTodd to post the awesome ships you all have posted for me from the selfie challenge
The very talented Jonghyun from Shinee thanks @AimeeH and @AgentLeo
The gentle Himchan from BAP thanks @Suju4evr
My Teen Top bias Niel!!! Those lips!!! Thanks @Baileykayleen
honorable mention... Hoon from U-kiss. he's so adorable! Thanks @baileykayleen
The cutie Minhyuk from CNBlue Thanks @SharayahTodd
The Charming Ravi or Talented N Thanks @adorkabledolly
Prince Jin from Bts one of my top bias! Thanks @DianaCastaneda @DenieceSuit @kyungsooselbow
The super funny Dongwoo from Infinite Thanks @B2utyrisa
Jr from Got7 (I think his personality is most like mine of Got7) Thanks @szewwy
The 4d Jaejoong oppa ( get back from military service soon.) Thanks @ErinGregory
Donghae my super junior bias wrecker Thanks @LmJsuper
Maknae Jinwoon from 2am Thanks @nykechun
lastly but not least namjoon oppa! even though he's not my oppa because I'm older I still like to say oppa Thanks @ReddViolet
Thank you everyone who shipped me.
@heidichiesa no problem dear!
Lol. Glad that you're happy with your ships!