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They say that love can be scary. Be prepared to cry, or in this case scream.

I'm not a fan of horror films, but I must admit, this was rather adorable in a terrifying way. Alec [the guy dressed up as Michael Myers] knew just how much his girlfriend Katherine loved the film Halloween that he decided to propose to her while dressed up as the ever so scary, Michael Myers [and let's not forget their amazing engagement photo inspired by 80's film Back To The Future].
Halloween is right around the corner, so what better way to propose -- right? The idea that he took the time out to do something he knew Katherine would love makes this entire story extremely romantically scary. Way to go Alec! The fact that Katherine screamed, but kept walking towards the subject dressed up as Michael Myers baffled me because I would've ran fast as lightning, but before I tell it all -- check out the video below.

Talk about amazing nostalgic engagement photos. Love it!

The music is haunting, but the execution of the proposal will warm your heart. Katherine was happy and at the end of the day, that's really all that matters.
"My fiancé knows how much I love Halloween, so when it came time to propose, he dressed up as Michael Myers and jumped out at me with a ring. Perfect proposal. Sooooooo, when it came time to take an engagement photo, I let him decide what we were going to do. GREAT SCOTT, it turned out well! We are both HUGE movie fans and work in the TV/film industry — my favorite movie is Halloween and his is Back to the Future, so when he surprised me by scaring the sh*t out of me dressed as Michael Myers (at a filming location from the movie, no less) for my proposal, we thought it would be fitting to have fun with the engagement photo by having it reflect his favorite movie!", says an ever so excited Katherine.

Ladies, how would you feel if your boyfriend proposed this way? Would you say yes?

this is tooooo funny!! but so cute that he took the time to make it so special! i love who she went from scared to crying happy tears in like a second flat
yeah, I would've been crying terrified tears the entire time. but I love the fact that he thought about what she loved and incorporated @LizArnone
LOL! I thought I was the only one who was thinking about dumping him, haha. I would not be able to deal at all and I'm sure I would've peed my pants a couple of times. @allischaaff
Um, I would pee my pants, faint, wake up and cry, and then dump him.