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The levels people go to show their love for an actor or musician ceases to amaze me. Fans are so locked in to a show or song that they allow the art to spill into the real world.
From the looks of things, members of the television show “Orange Is The New Black” know that statement to be true far too well.
Yesterday Uzo “Crazy Eyes” Aduba went on Conan. During the segment, Uzo shared one of the nuttiest interactions she had with a fan.
During the show Aduba shared a story about the time a fan actually approached her in the middle of a marathon to get a photograph.

No request. No questions about how her day was going. This fan got straight to the point. “We gonna take a selfie.” said the fan.

Mind you this is mid-marathon. My god.

Obviously, this fan didn’t give a damn about the timing or her personal space.

To jog alongside a participant in a marathon for a selfie is OD. Hilarious… but OD. Maybe I’m not as deep in the game as some people. I guess there's levels to this fan fever stuff.
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HAHA I would start running faster.