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well... its come to the point where Facebook seems kind of stupid. 1st off, my grandma Facebook stalks me so I really have to watch with what I put. 2nd people post stupid shit. "like if you love God, ignore if you love satin" *wicked stuff everywhere* *perverted posts* *selfies and more selfies* *drama drama drama* 3rd, no one understands me. I'm in a whole different world then them so they think my posts are stupid. there's also reasons where I might not want to delete it. 1st, 99% of my memories are on there. 2nd I get in touch with friends from different states who don't have phones.
asdfghjkl! don't really know. if I have it, ill be wanting to go on it constantly... :p I'm actually thinking of just using vingle. at least on here I don't have to be Facebook stalked. and id actually be able to express my personality. what do y'all think?
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I only have a Facebook for the same reason as you. I'm just keeping just in case I need to contact someone.
@caitlind9898 i just realized ur profile pic. OMG. Big hero 6 world confirmed in KH3 BUT i dont have facebook. Just keep it to stay in contact. And never check it unless u ABSOLUTELY need to...
I keep mine even though I only get on it once in a while to look at pictures my family posts and to connect with my foreign friends. Go ahead and keep yours, but don't stress yourself if you haven't checked it in 3 months. lol
Lol, thanks @B2STANG88 :) I'm super excited for KH3
I use different social media for different things. FB is too keep in touch with people far away and to be in organization groups. IG is for memories ( my IG is usally cross posted on my FB) Snapchat is for silly stuff, and Vingle is for kpop, kdrama and anime. I like kpop stuff on FB and IG but I don't talk about it b/c I know that's not the audience for it :)