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This microchip won the Best Design of the year, and it’s totally understandable why. Essentially it recreates human biochemistry, and the mechanical function of human organs all in a tiny piece of rubber.
These microchips are line with real human cells so they have real human responses. Because of this drugs can be tested on them, as well as cosmetics! No more months of petri dishes and testing on animals!

The only problem with this device (in my opinion): The name

Currently, it is being called Human Organs-on-Chips
This can definitely be improved upon. So I’ve created a list of new names we should probably call it:
Organs on a Chip
Guts to Go!
Micro-Internal Organs
Guts for Animal Rights
Chip O’ Organs
Some of these names need a little improving, but I’ll send them to that fancy scientist for approval.
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"guts to go" its definitely my favorite ahahah we should open a franchise with that name and open a chain of restaurants xp probably wouldn't be very famous though..
Guts to Go, when that does well, the spin off franchine 'Intestines 'R Us'
@virginvingler omg that's even worse xp
Do you think I can use this as an argument to prove that chips are not bad for your health?
@virginvingler definitely! out of jokes, I can't even say how much it makes me angry only the thought of all the experiences they have done through the years and continue doing... I really hope this new technic really works