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This card is in response to @LizArnone's writing prompt, If I Could Live In Any Literary World, It Would Be... Check out her answer (it's a good one!) and make your own! Be sure to tag us in it if you do :) I can't wait to read everyone's responses!
I tried to be creative with mine, I really did. I thought and I thought. But finally, I just decided to go with my honest answer. For me, there's no literary world I'd rather live in than the magical world of Harry Potter.
Like any good HP fan, I was disappointed when my Hogwarts letter didn't come (by owl, obviously) the summer after I turned 11. I thought maybe they had made a mistake, so I waited patiently the next summer too. Alas, my letter never came. But that didn't stop me from immersing myself in the wizarding world.
I was a voracious reader as a kid and nobody, I mean nobody, read the Harry Potter books more often than I did. I was constantly reading one. I'd read from the beginning of the series through to whichever was the latest book released, then begin all over again until a new book came out. I made sure to read 1-3 right before 4 came out, and so on. The final count on how many times I've read each of the books stands about here:
Sorcerer's Stone: 23 times
Chamber of Secrets: 23 times
Prisoner of Azkaban: 23 times
Goblet of Fire: 13 times
Order of the Phoenix: 6 times
Half-Blood Prince: 3 times
The Deathly Hollows: 3 times
So clearly, I loved Harry Potter. I'd definitely want to live in the post-Voldemort era, but here's just a few of the things I would LOVE to do:
Learn to cook using magic (and make magically delicious food)
Brew up a love potion and enchant the wizard of my dreams ;)
Make colorful sparks shoot out of my wand at dance parties and concerts :D
Fill my room with safe, dripless floating candles for romantic mood lighting
Have a pet owl to deliver all my mail and affectionately nuzzle me
Get really good grades at Hogwarts (I'm basically Hermione – I even have bushy brown hair)
Apparate all over the world, seeing the most beautiful natural sights
Use my apparition skills to have breakfast in Hawaii, lunch in Paris, and dinner in Peru, etc.
Try all the crazy magical sweets in Honeydukes Sweet Shop
Get drunk on butterbeer and make out with an international quidditch star
Fly around on a broomstick (even though I'm not athletic enough to play quidditch)
Eat all the AMAZING food cooked up by the newly liberated house elves in the Great Hall
(Hmm... I'm noticing a lot of this has to do with food... J.K. Rowling is just really good at making things sound delicious, okay?!)
Anyway, those are some of the many reasons I'd love to be a Hogwarts student :) I know it's not the most original, but I can't lie to you people!!
Thank you @LizArnone for the fun challenge :)
I would be Ravenclaw probably. How about you, @esha?
I love this card. and I applaud you on how many times you have read's close to how many times I've read it...i want to live in HP too...but I get the next best thing and visit universal studios and go to Harry Potter
@esha @B2STANG88 what houses do you think you'd be in if you were there?
I love this! And I'm sure you know this, but the reason your Hogwarts letter didn't come is because the Death Eaters destroyed all the records in the Ministry with the names of Muggle-born witches and wizards. You've got the magic ^_^
THIS IS PERFECT!!! every single thing you listed that you wanted to try i was like oh yeah let me talk about that in the comment until i said that to myself about each one!!!! i can't even pic a fav but ill try, the Apparate all over the world obviously, the get drunk off butter beer and make out with an international quidditch star (or Ron OR DRACO but I'm not picky clearly), and learn awesome cooking spells to cook like mrs Wesley herself! ugh there is just so much more including just attending Hogwarts and living in their awesome houses and stuff. shit i wish i was a witch.
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