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After seeing the card from @Arellano1052 about their anime crush, I decided I also wanted to share mine! So here she is!
Okay, let's get one thing straight up front: Erza Scarlet is definitvely the most badass woman in all of anime. She is nearly undefeatable, overcoming every obstacle put in front of her and destroying the people who would get between her and her goals, or threaten Fairy Tail.
She is a beautiful woman, with some incredible magic to boot. She has the Ex-quip ability, meaning that she can equip various different armors and armaments at will, with different armors carrying different strengths and abilities.
Some of her forms are staggering to look at, like her Heaven's Wheel armor, which gives her two swords as well as sharp, sword-esque wings. She can move faster and deal considerable damage in this form.
Other forms include things like a samurai equip where she has increased strength and endurance, and a black wing form where she can fly and move incredibly fast.
Regardless of the form she uses, Erza is incredibly powerful, so much so that with just a glance, even Natsu cowers away from her. She is a de facto leader among the ranks of Fairy Tail and is respected both within and outside of the guild.
@DanRodriguez your turn! Though I have a guess already as to who it might be, lol.
@VinMcCarthy I'm not gay nor bi but I must admit Erza is also my crush. she is just so bad ass!!! @DanRodriguez if you don't watch Fairy Tail soon I will disown you as a friend. -_-
I already posted! :3 I really do need to check out this anime. She looks interesting! I do love Teresa of the Faint Smile from Claymore and Erza certainly looks bad ass!
Erza does look hot
I second Erza, Titania. She's awesome!!!
LOL, @EllieDean! XD I'll watch it ASAP. I promise!