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You know how many times a song comes out that really makes you reflect on yourself? I didn't realize it, but VIXX's new Subunit Album, Beautiful Liar, did that for me.
I've recently posted a card about dating and Tinder. Well things seem to have gotten hostile apparently. He keeps called me horrible names and saying I'm screwed up. Really, he's just a douchebag, proven by my male friend when I shared our entire interaction and messages. But his words have made me doubt, you know?
I've also wondered for a little bit of time if my calm facade isn't just a cover for something darker and more violent and raw, the way Ravi presents the internal struggle of Leo's character. Thanks for listening STARLIGHTS!!
This song is SO BEAUTIFUL and EMOTIONAL. I'm officially obsessed. I think I've watched it like 10 times in the past 2 days....Anyways, thank you for sharing your story of how this song reflects your life. :)
It's an incredible song. I think it makes us all reflect on ourselves and thats what proves that it is so strong. I love this card!
@StephanieDuong Thank you for reading it!