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So we have all heard about some pretty weird, out of the box, sometimes just crazy jobs. But I think the most interesting (and strange) job in todays market is The professional Snuggler.
Yupp, you read that right, people can pay men or women (you have a choice) to snuggle them for a certain amount of time. No sex, no fetish stuff, no video cameras, just straight cuddles.
So I am obviously very interested in this career because it just seems so crazy to me!
Which is why I went on The Snuggle Buddies website and checked out some of the FAQ. Here is what I have learned.

The Not So Hidden Lives Of Professional Cuddlers

- Cuddle buddies have profiles that will let the client know if they are willing to do house calls or if the client needs to come to the office.
- The dress code is strict. The minimal amount of clothing you can wear is shorts and a t-shirt (both parties). The clothes should however, be soft, feel nice, and be clean.
- Anything can go in snuggling like watching TV, talking, no talking, sharing a meal, as long is it is not sexual.
- The cuddle sesh is an actual appointment, if you don't cancel in time you get charged.
- There is such a thing as the “The Cuddle Sutra”, which details over 50 cuddling positions.
- Both parties have to shower and brush their teeth before the appointment, which I just think is respectful.
- You can stop anytime you want to and if you become aroused you must either stop or switch positions.
- There is a referral program that can get you a discount on your next cuddle session.
I mean, getting paid to lay in bed in flannel PJ's all day seems like everyones dream job right? I just don't really like being touched by other people so I don't think this career path is the best for me. But hey, its easy money and makes people happy so its actually a very commendable job!

Would you be a professional snuggler?

I wouldn't do this, just because it could be risky and seems boring.
Okay I would NOT want to do this, because I'm a small young lady and there are so many creeps in this world. Accidental boners, body odor (sometimes a shower's not enough), grody environments, something bad happening... there's just way too many things that could go wrong. I loved the Tim and Eric video however XDDD
@AmbieB yeah I agree sometimes people just need human contact to remind themselves that they themselves are human!! What a nice way to look at this !!!
I'm not all that comfortable with people touching me either. If I were, I'd definitely go for something like this. Sometimes people just need a hug or someone to talk to that doesn't know about their life or the people in it. Lol I think whoever came up with this was really smart. I doubt I'll use this service ever but I'd still like to write the creator(s) a thank you note or something of appreciation.
I can't sit still long enough for a job like this lol
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