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A good HR department plays a pivotal force in the success and developed atmosphere within a company. Each company has different requirements in regards to their HR staff.

In regards to Larry Wilmore and his staff at The Nightly Show, they take a more cutting approach with their interaction with the HR rep.

Last week Larry bought in Harlem native Cam’ron to run the HR department for the day. The results were wildly efficient and unforgettable.
In a pre-taped skit, Cam plays Comedy Central’s human resources guru. Some of the standout moments were:
-Cam advises a worker made uncomfortable by his female colleague’s advances to “nut up and run with it.”
-When a producer says he wants Cam’s help firing a writer's’ assistant, Cam says, “I’ll take care of what needs to be fucking done,” hits the intercom, and asks for $20,000 from petty cash to be dropped at a mailbox in Flatbush.
Wait, did Cam just say he was gonna “off” the writer?? Hilarious

This was probably one of the funniest-cringeworthy episodes of The Nightly Show that I have seen in awhile.

Cam continues to reinvent himself as this skit will surely expose his brand of comedy to mainstream America.
I can’t wait to see him on the show again!