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If you're on Twitter, you know Jaden Smith as more than Will Smith's son. His Twitter presence is odd to say the least. Known for his deliberate capitalization of every word and lots of vague, confusing statements, Jaden Smith has fascinated everyone on the Internet since he was old enough to craft a Tweet.

Blue like the color or blue like sad? Either way...this makes no sense.

But...but...this is the opposite of true.

He's wise beyond his years.

Woah...this is meta.


He's got a weird obsession with trees...

Hatters gonna hat.

But sometimes...he's kind of wise.....

Is this kid a weirdo or a genius!?!

It's weird because I think Jaden and Willow are both crazy, but I also feel like if someone else called them crazy, I'd be like "YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THEM!!!"
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Hahah @danidee that's so true. Half of me is like this kid is a lunatic and the other half is like yas jaden you're a genius keep on Twittering. I'll be interested to see what sort of adult he turns into. For some reason, I imagine him being the next Shia LaBeouf
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