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Inspired by @Arellano1052. This is such a great way to post some amazing cosplay! My first, and ongoing, anime crush has to be Major Motoko Kusanagi from the 1995 movie Ghost In The Shell.
In 2004, GITS: Stand Alone Complex featured the Major with a look that is more faithful to the manga. Personally, I like this better. :3 Cosplayer is Akiomi
In 2006, the Black Lagoon anime was released and introduced me to my second crush, Roberta the Maid. Just the thought of a deadly, mentally unstable assassin trying to domesticate herself was kinda sexy.
An OVA titled Roberta's Blood Trail was released later which shows that side of her that she tries so desperately to keep hidden. Cosplayer is Meylin
I have absolutely no idea why I have a crush on the bubbly Blair from Soul Eater but I do. LOL!
Cosplayer is Mau
Oooh I might do one too. I'm glad I can pick more than one XD
You may be correct! XD
I know why you have the crush on Blair... It's the bewbs, it's always the bewbs Hahaha 😇😉