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To every intense TV fan, the series finale is a truly bittersweet moment. You're sad to see your favorite show go, but it's time. You're anticipating so much. The characters and the plot need to work out exactly as you hoped or you'll be disappointed. Even if it's not exactly what you needs to be close.
But there are some TV finales out there that are just WTF. Totally confusing, totally unsatisfying, leaving all fans shouting "I WAITED SEVEN SEASONS FOR THIS?!"

How I Met Your Mother

How could they toss away the mother's character like that?? The show's title alone sets up fans to want a relationship with the mother, and then we barely get to know her. Disappointing.


I sort of thought Dexter would die at the end of all of this, and honestly, that seems like a pretty appropriate ending based on the seven seasons. But no...he's just living in a cabin somewhere lumberjacking it up? Nah, I don't buy it.

Gossip Girl

Dan is Gossip Girl, are you kidding?!? Plot wise, it makes sense I guess, but I will never understand that decision. Also...why is no one pissed at him for it?? Serena even marries him knowing all the crap he put her through as Gossip Girl. It's all very confusing.


So everyone's dead? But they're together in heaven? Is that it? Lost remained true to all the seasons and confused the crap out of me with the season finale. At least Vincent was in it, he was always my favorite character anyways.

I think of each of these shows a little less fondly because of their totally unsatisfying finales. @gavriella @rodiziketan @nicolejb @danidee and all the other Vingle TV fans out there, which TV finale is most disappointing for you?

HIMYM was the worst for me. It as just like too much in one episode! you know? The spent all this time building up to the mother and we barely got to know her :(
I will write a card, yes. But after tomorow, I am at my university, because I have two exams today (well, one left) and one tomorow :(
I hate Angel finale, I hate Las Vegas finale, I don't quite like HIMYM finale, and there is more, I just can't remember right now. You should do a card about our favourite finals, I can talk a lot about that haha.
Gossip Girl's finale had its ups and downs, but How I Met Your Mother definitely disappointed me the most!
Smallville's finale was pretty disappointing
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