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Which TV Finale Disappointed You The Most?

To every intense TV fan, the series finale is a truly bittersweet moment. You're sad to see your favorite show go, but it's time. You're anticipating so much. The characters and the plot need to work out exactly as you hoped or you'll be disappointed. Even if it's not exactly what you needs to be close.
But there are some TV finales out there that are just WTF. Totally confusing, totally unsatisfying, leaving all fans shouting "I WAITED SEVEN SEASONS FOR THIS?!"

How I Met Your Mother

How could they toss away the mother's character like that?? The show's title alone sets up fans to want a relationship with the mother, and then we barely get to know her. Disappointing.


I sort of thought Dexter would die at the end of all of this, and honestly, that seems like a pretty appropriate ending based on the seven seasons. But no...he's just living in a cabin somewhere lumberjacking it up? Nah, I don't buy it.

Gossip Girl

Dan is Gossip Girl, are you kidding?!? Plot wise, it makes sense I guess, but I will never understand that decision. Also...why is no one pissed at him for it?? Serena even marries him knowing all the crap he put her through as Gossip Girl. It's all very confusing.


So everyone's dead? But they're together in heaven? Is that it? Lost remained true to all the seasons and confused the crap out of me with the season finale. At least Vincent was in it, he was always my favorite character anyways.

I think of each of these shows a little less fondly because of their totally unsatisfying finales. @gavriella @rodiziketan @nicolejb @danidee and all the other Vingle TV fans out there, which TV finale is most disappointing for you?

HIMYM was the worst for me. It as just like too much in one episode! you know? The spent all this time building up to the mother and we barely got to know her :(
I will write a card, yes. But after tomorow, I am at my university, because I have two exams today (well, one left) and one tomorow :(
I hate Angel finale, I hate Las Vegas finale, I don't quite like HIMYM finale, and there is more, I just can't remember right now. You should do a card about our favourite finals, I can talk a lot about that haha.
Gossip Girl's finale had its ups and downs, but How I Met Your Mother definitely disappointed me the most!
Smallville's finale was pretty disappointing
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9 Times the Clothes on Gossip Girl Were Too Good to be True
Gossip Girl was a great guilty pleasure show for so many reasons, and fashion was a central element. Who didn't see Serena and Blair's gorgeous wardrobes and get envious chills? While the designer labels are unattainable for obvious reasons, the clothes worn were also unrealistic and outrageous aside from their giant price tags. I'm calling out the show for ten times they gave us unrealistic fashion aspirations. 1. When all of these looks were passable school uniforms. I've always been confused what exactly the dress code of Constance Billard asked its students to wear, as their variations of black, white and pink with neckties are questionable to say the least. From button-up blouses to cotton tees and neck flowers, the students look anything but uniform in their ensembles. 2. When Blair made colored tights a legitimate trend. I can attest that Blair's penchant for brightly-colored tights made the style so appealing that plenty of girls both on and off-screen (okay, maybe me included) flocked to buy them. In reality, neon tights are a questionable choice for everyday, especially for what's supposed to be a prim and proper look. Black and sheer patterned tights are one thing (that she pulled off as well), but bright red or yellow gams are tough for even the queen herself to wear. Blair could have done us all a favor by sticking with neutrals. 3. When Serena pulled off this many ruffles. No one could wear a dress composed of yellow ruffles and still look as heartbreakingly beautiful as Serena did to her mother's wedding. It aptly looks like a bridesmaid's nightmare of a dress, but Serena is modelesque wearing it nonetheless. The heavy black belt and neck flower are also questionable additions that I'm sad to say few could pull off like she did. 4. When Vanessa went pantsless to a party and looked both normal and, actually, good. Okay, so it was a beach-themed party, but it was also in a college dorm, and while a bikini top and shorts might be somewhat acceptable for this kind of soiree, a top without pants isn't quite normal. Of course, Vanessa, looked amazing and no one questioned her bare legs. 5. When Serena wore this dress and didn't look remotely like a bride. I've never been to a legitimate white party like the one in the Hamptons that the gang attended, so maybe I'm wrong, but usually if someone wore what Serena wore here, they would look downright bridal. Blair's white minidress (not pictured) looked party-ready, and Serena looked her usual gorgeous, and no one thought that her formal white maxidress was anything unusual for a teen to don. 6. When Jenny Humphrey was allowed to wear any of this. I was never at all sympathetic to Jenny Humphrey's rebellion. Sure, it's hard being middle class next to a sea of one percent teens, but Jenny still seemed pretty fortunate to me. I for one would kill for her huge Brooklyn loft, but maybe that's just me. When the youngest Humphrey left the house in any of these butt-grazing skirt and fishnet combos, my jaw dropped and I wanted to cover that girl up, fast. New York City can be a scary place, and it helps to wear pants out there. 7. When Blair pulled off this much yellow. How come I see this look and can only think about how much I want that skirt? But seriously, if anyone in their right mind wore a yellow blouse with a mostly-yellow skirt and topped it off with yellow heels, yellow bracelets, and an almost-yellow necklace and purse, they would look more like a failed Big Bird costume than anyone chic. 8. When "easy breezy" Serena could walk in any of her heels. For a character who appears to float by on a heavenly cloud, Serena sure clunks around in a lot of sky-high stilettos that would leave any of us stumbling to our ankle-breaking doom. Sometimes it seems out of character that the casual character doesn't opt for flats or even sneakers- we know she would pull them off seamlessly. 9. When this was an (almost) acceptable first day of college outfit. So Blair deservingly got some flack for her look starting classes at NYU, and I really can't blame her. This seems like a pretty good outfit to wear on a first day of work in an office, maybe minus the headband. Sadly, college wear more closely resembles festival wear than anything requiring this much polish. Blair could have done herself a favor by opting for some nice denim, but when have we ever seen her in denim? If only we could all afford to accessorize with shopping bags as often as Blair and Serena did. Ugh, Gossip Girl fashion. You kill me but I love you still.
Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 - Chemistry
The episode begins with Dexter and Hannah's slab sex. She grabs a knife and puts it to his throat while they are at it and asks why he wanted to kill her. He says "it's what I do". He basically says he kills bad people, which seems to turn her on. On a date Price and Debra talk about Hannah. She suggests exhuming the body of Hanna's ex-husband to check for poison and he tells her the man has a sister who might give permission. They appear to be hitting it off. In the car Dexter tells Hannah they can't have sex again. She agrees. He wonders why she isn't more shaken up and she says perhaps she never really thought he'd go through with it. Dexter drops her off and sees that Price, who was sitting in his car, saw the whole thing that transpired between the two of them. Dexter tells Price he can't write about this or his career is over, but Price doesn't seem interested in keeping quiet from the looks of it. Dexter offers to give him Randall's last words and Price says he'll think about it, but doesn’t really commit to anything. Debra tells Maria they have to consider abandoning their investigation since all the signs still point to Doakes. Maria agrees with her and says "maybe you're right". Dexter researches Price. Debra comes in and shows him the blood work from the Randall killing which indicates there was another killer. She thinks he is covering for Hannah in order to get her on his table. Masuka comes in and tells Dexter and Angel that the blood evidence for Isaak is missing. Maria demands to know what happened to the evidence. They think there must be a mole, who is involved. Some of the guys return to the crime scene and find that Isaak's people have sabotaged the building. This means Isaak will walk. Angel takes Quinn aside and shows him that his name was on the evidence locker sheet. He says he wanted to hear it directly from Quinn. Dexter tells Debra he'll take care of Isaak, but she makes him promise to stay away from the whole issue and makes it clear that she doesn’t want him involved in anyway. Price brings Debra the number for Laurie, Hanna's late husband's sister. Quinn on the other hand goes to see Nadia. She hasn't been hurt, but says she is scared. He doesn't say what happened, but promises her she'll soon be free. Isaak is released from prison. Laurie tells Debra that Hannah had been expecting, but had a miscarriage soon after her brother's Jake's death. She tells her about the theory regarding Hannah being responsible. Price asks Hannah to talk to him for his next book. He references Dexter, while he is at it. She in turn says she'll talk as long as he keeps Dexter out of the book. Price calls Dexter and says he's taking him up on his offer. Dexter looks at Christy Lawson, a victim Price wrote about whose killer was never found. He's going to try and plant evidence linking Price to the murder. Quinn tells George he wants Nadia's passport. George doesn't sound like he's going to honor their original deal and threatens him with exposing the tampering with evidence. Dexter tells Hanna about Price seeing them together, which means they could be in trouble. She tells him about talking with Price. Dexter tells her he's planning to get rid of Price, so he doesn’t cause them anymore trouble. She wonders if he's ever thought about what life would be like if he didn't have his code. Dexter thinks to himself that the two of them would be combustible together, after he has given what she said a thought. Debra open's Jake's casket and finds that he was never embalmed much to her surprise. Turns out, it's just bones and there is nothing to test. Laurie is emotional that all of this was for nothing, at the end of the day. Debra tells Price about Jake's body. He says he's going to meet with Hannah and plans to fill her in afterwards, about her discovery. At the beginning of the interview Hannah makes Price promise to leave out Dexter. Dexter breaks into Price's place and steals some DNA, including a toothbrush and dental floss, as a part of his plan to frame him. He then sits at Price's computer and deletes his research on Hannah, as the next step of his plan. Hannah tells Price about killing the couple. When the wife jumped on Randall to save her husband Hannah jumped in to help. Through tears Hannah says she stabbed the wife basically to stop her from screaming. Hannah weeps, while she is describing the whole thing to him. Isaak approaches Dexter at lunch. He's still being followed by a patrol car as it turns out, so he's not there to do Dexter any harm, from the looks of it. Isaak wants to know what drove Dexter to kill Viktor. Isaak doesn't believe that it was simply out of vengeance, and feels there was something more to it. Dexter gives him some explicit details about how he killed Viktor, and then promises to do the same thing to Isaak. Price drops by Dexter's place for their interview, as per their agreement. Dexter threatens to frame him for the Lawson murder. Price gets visibly upset by Dexter’s threat, and then grabs his chest and falls into the table. Dexter tells Jamie to call 911 and starts performing CPR, in order to revive Price. But it’s to no avail, and Price dies. Dexter later tells Quinn and Angel that his interview got heated, which then result in what happened to Price. Debra arrives and sees the body. She thinks it must have been Hannah. Hannah is brought into the station for questioning and Dexter is surprised she doesn't look concerned. Debra interviews Hannah, who says she has no idea Price, is dead. She references Beverly and the murder with Randall, and then says a tox screen on Price is on the way, and would reveal the actual truth behind his death. Dexter watches their conversation on closed circuit and doesn't think Hannah is acting, as far as he can tell. Dexter pays Hannah a visit and she admits to killing Price, for both of them. She put something on one of his pens, she elaborates. Dexter tells her about destroying Price's files on her. She says her ex threatened to leave her if she didn't get an abortion. She killed him, but then had a miscarriage. They kiss, by the end of it. Quinn gives Angel money to help finish paying for his restaurant. Angel thinks it's too generous, but eventually takes it as a loan. Masuka gives Debra the tox screen on Price. It's negative for everything. Maria does some late-night research and seems to find something related to Debra and Dexter. Debra listens to Price final interview with Hannah. She calls Dexter who is with Hannah and says there needs to be some justice with respect to Hannah. She says "It's up to you, Dex. Do what you do". The episode ends at this point.
HIMYM Guide To Studying For Midterms
You try to act like the responsible unstable college student you are. You've got your GPA on the line when in reality you'd rather be partying it up with your friends at the bars or Netflix and chillin' with bae. You attempt to convince yourself that the subject you're currently study will hopefully pay off one day when you get your dream job (of working in a cubicle). Also, you've just realized this is the first time you've opened your outdated textbook that you paid over $100 for. To ease your tensions, you go to see a study session that is supposedly hosted by your professor. Obviously the professor doesn't show so instead you get the TA who is supposed to be able to answer all of your questions. The TA is pretty much the same age as you and you've seen him or her at a house party twice last weekend but somehow they're you're last hope. The class is basically dead silent during the study session and during the review session during class. Your teacher makes a derogatory comment about how we've probably all studied enough to prepare for the test even though the professor knows 90% of us haven't even opened the book and we're just waiting for the genius in the front row to give a long winded thought somehow giving us all of the information we didn't listen to during lecture. Anxiety starts to set in as you start to cram study. People are offering Adderall, you haven't gone to bed before 2am in three days and your hygiene is becoming questionable. You're eating choices are taking a dive and you can't remember the last time you were able to go to the gym. And then you break down. (Yes, I understand this is from Big Bang Theory but I couldn't stop laughing at this GIF) Now you're starting to get moody and unapproachable. You tell everyone how you'd rather shoot yourself which is extremely unnecessary but all you can think about is the day that you won't have to worry about the midterms anymore. You have been studying for hours now which feels like days long and you've retained next to nothing. Death is among you. You've become so irritable that you've been completely MIA on the social scene. All of your friends with less intensive majors or schedules that somehow landed them with teachers who don't give midterms take you aside. They want you to be back to your fun self who loves the university but all you want to do is scream. You're so worn down that your emotions are on the brink of war. So when you finally break down and explain all of your frustrations, your friends respond with a very unsympathetic response. "Oh that sucks," they say. BUT THEN MIDTERMS ARE OVER. CONGRATULATIONS YOU SURVIVED. And then you receive your grade a few days later just reminding you that your C+ was not worth the amount of stress you exerted to not even be mediocre. Next stop...FINALS.
Dexter Season 7 Episode 8 - Argentina | Dexter 7x8 :: Recap
The episode begins and Dexter wakes up to Hannah making breakfast. Dexter notices Hannah’s outdated calendar, it’s from the year she was with Wayne. She tells him it’s about the photo of Argentina on it, which is her dream spot. Dexter gets a buzz from Debra and he admits to Hannah that his sister is the lieutenant who grilled her. She’s not thrilled about it, but tells him she’d like to see him again. Dexter comes knocking on Debra’s door. He asks her if she really wants him to kill Hannah. She tells him she’s vetted her according to his rules, but is frustrated because someone cleaned the Hannah notes off Price’s computer. He tells her it was him. She gives him more evidence and tells him Hannah fits the code. He tells her no and she’s upset and asks if he knows how hard it was for him to ask him to kill for her. She vents and tells Dexter that Hannah will kill again. Sirko loses the cops and sends them after a decoy. George tells him to let the Dexter thing go. He tells him it’s going to mess up their business. Sirko though, will hear none of it. Dexter is at a donut shop buying donuts for Debra. He drops his keys and ducks and just misses a bullet in the head from Sirko. Later, he tells Debra that Sirko tried to kill him and that inconveniently Aster, Cody and Harrison are on the way to stay with him. He asks her how he should deal with the situation. She tells him she’ll put patrol on his place and tell La Guerta that she’s scared of Sirko getting revenge for the arrest. Dexter gives her a list of things she has to change at her house before the kids get there. She’s willing, but not too happy about the list. Later, Debra pays Hannah a visit. She tells her that she knows who and what she is because Sal told her everything. Debra accuses her of killing Sal. Hannah tells her that she was a screwed up 15 year old when Wayne took her on the killing spree. She says she was in over her head. Debra tells her that she’s in over her head now and tells her she’s going to be sorry. George is on the phone with bosses of the Ukranian mob and tells them that Sirko’s lost it. They come to an agreement and it sounds like Sirko may be on the black list. Dexter breaks into Sirko’s hideout and finds another guy there also waiting to kill Sirko. The guy tells him he won’t go “halfsies” so Dexter has to cut his throat and laments “We could have just gone halfsies”. Later, Dexter is at Angel’s place with Debra, Jamie and the kids. Debra thanks Dexter for not consenting to kill Hannah. She tells him she knows he did it for her. He thanks her for taking in his kids. Later he pays Hannah a visit. He tells her about Sirko trying to kill him. Hannah wants to know more and Dexter says it’s just a matter of killing him before he kills him first. She advises him to research Sirko like he did her. He tells her it’s different, that he was vetting her to make sure he met his code. She loans him her van in case Sirko knows Dexter’s car. Nadya tells Quinn not to worry about her passport, that she’ll get it soon because they like to keep the dancers as young as possible. She makes him promise he’ll never work for them again and heads off to the showers. There’s a knock at her door and it’s George. He plays Quinn a recording he made of him agreeing to lose the evidence against Sirko. Quinn says he’ll take him down with him and George doesn’t care. Quinn asks what he wants and George says he needs some security during a drug buy. He tells him if he doesn’t help, he’ll make the recording public. Sirko’s chatting with his bodyguard. Seems the killer Dexter waxed was a hit man for the brotherhood. They call the cops and he’s poking at Dexter who’s there to work the crime scene. Angel tells Sirko it could have been him that killed the guy. Vince gives time of death and the police escort confirms they had him in their sights so he’s got an alibi. Debra asks Dexter what happened and he describes a scenario. Sirko tells him it’s almost like he was there in the room. Dexter takes off to see the kids and tells Debra to keep Sirko occupied as long as possible. Hannah calls and tells Dexter she needs her greenhouse keys from the van. She wants to stop by and pick them up. He tells her he’s at the beach and she stops by to get the keys. Hannah asks what he’s doing there and at first she thinks he’s there with his wife. He tells her it’s the nanny and points out his kids and their ages. She wants to know if he held back because he didn’t trust her or thought she’s reject him because of it. He tells her it was some of both. She admits she and Wayne talked about having 10 kids. He tells her it could still be in the cards for her. Dex comes to Debra’s after the kids are in bed. He wonders whether Hannah could fit in with his family. Debra notices the keys in his hand and asks about it. He tells her he borrowed a car from a friend and she asks if it was Hannah. Then she asks if they are having sex. Then she wants to know if that’s why he won’t kill her. He admits that is partially the reason and Debra is angry with him for lying about the reasons he wouldn’t kill Hannah. Dexter admits he has feelings for Hannah and she wants to know if it’s because she’s a killer also. Debra’s angry and wants to know if he helped her kill Price. He asks if being with Hannah is worse than being a killer to her. She says yes and then no. Debra asks him to stop seeing her, but he says he doesn’t want to. He says he’s not asking her permission and she tells him he couldn’t be hurting her more. Dexter says if she loves him, she’ll accept it. She tells him when she came to the church and caught him with Travis that, she was coming to tell him she’s in love with him. He’s stunned and asks what she means. Debra while sobbing tells him she knows it’s weird and gross. She tells him it’s bad enough to love your brother, but a whole different thing to be in love with your brother who’s a serial killer. He tells her he’s sorry and he doesn’t know what to say. Dexter comes to chat with Sirko and he orders him a beer and says his first and last name so the bartender can ID him if anything happens. Trapped, Dexter sits down to have a drink with him, and apparently it’s a gay bar. Sirko tells him he’s in a gay bar because he’s gay. Sirko admits he’s been worried about the mob finding out he was gay. He tells Dexter that he took away from him the only happiness in his life. He thanks Dexter for killing the assassin and saving his life. Sirko asks what Dexter did to the man who killed Rita. He tells him getting revenge didn’t help and that she’s still gone. Dexter tells him they don’t have to keep at this and Sirko tells him he does. He tells him after he kills Dexter, he’s going to take off and spend the rest of his days lost. Dexter suggests Argentina and Sirko tells him he was thinking Micronesia. Sirko tells him it would be great to find a place where they don’t have to pretend. Sirko tells him under different circumstances, they could have been friends and he leaves. Dex concludes that everyone wants an Argentina, a place where their slate is wiped clean. Sirko plays and replays Viktor’s final voice mail over and over, while staring out the window. Dexter wonders whether we keep returning to the places that feel like home to us and he’s at Hannah’s door taking her in his arms. He concludes that it’s great to be someplace where you can be who you really are. The episode ends at this point.
Unrealistic TV Apartments That Make Every New Yorker Jealous
As I sit in my tiny bedroom with no air conditioning, I watch Carrie Bradshaw bask in the hugeness of her awesome West Village apartment on Sex and the City. How can she afford this on a writer's salary?! And then I's just a TV show. Television is full of unrealistic New York City apartments that make us real-life New Yorkers totally jealous, but we've got to remember, they're all too good to be true. This picture doesn't even do the entire apartment justice (remember the giant closet??) There's no way that a small newspaper columnist could afford this apartment! I did a little investigation and found out that this apartment in the West Village sells for $600,000. Maybe Mr. Big could afford this, but no way in hell Carrie could! In HIMYM there are several roommates splitting the rent in this apartment, but I still don't buy it! A little research proved that the gang's hangout would probably go for around $5000 a month. Not as bad as I thought, but I doubt Lily's shopping habits and Marshall's unemployment in the first few seasons could afford it. Most people are living the life of luxury on Gossip Girl - except the Humphrey's. They're supposed to be much less well off than the rest of the characters and yet, they afford this pretty amazing Brooklyn apartment. This DUMBO apartment would probably sell for $6000 a month. Another unrealistic West Village apartment belongs to Monica and Rachel in Friends. With the huge kitchen, huge windows and a huge living room, this one could be purchased for around $2.5 million. Somehow I don't think a Central Perk salary could afford that! Seinfeld's Upper West Side apartment might be the most realistic because Jerry seems fairly financially stable throughout the series. Either way this apartment with one bedroom, plenty of office space, a huge living room and a reasonably-sized kitchen would sell for around $900,000. Most of these apartments are the hangout spot for the show's group of friends. My place is barely big enough for one person, so all of these are giving me tons of apartment envy!!!
TV Pets We All Fell in Love With
Get ready to say awwwwww. Obviously when you watch TV you get attached to some of the human characters, but what about the animals? Pets play a pretty big role in tons of TV shows, developing their own personalities. Usually they're adorable, loyal and comforting characters, unless they can talk of course, then they can sometimes be a little snarky. Either way, we learn to love them and they're totally essential to the show. Vincent from Lost Vincent is the ultimate companion throughout Lost, trading owners several times, but always remaining a comforting presence. Did anyone else notice that he was always around right before something bad happened?? No idea what the Lost writers meant by that, but for the most part I always thought Vincent was a loyal and friendly addition to the hostile and dramatic island. Gary from Spongebob The ocean's equivalent of a cat, Gary is quiet and reserved compared to his ridiculous owner. He's got his own library and is obviously supposed to be really smart (for a sea snail), playing the voice of reason while Spongebob does weird stuff like wear his underwear on his head. Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch The sassiest cat on TV, Salem could definitely have achieved his dream of world domination. Full of wit and hilarious puns, Salem brought a little dark charm to this show that I always liked. Plus he was totally motivated by food, so I could always relate to him a little. Brian Griffin from Family Guy What's not to love about a dog with a bit of a drinking problem? Honestly, he's a bit more cultured than the humans on this show with liberal political beliefs and an intense love of jazz. Despite his attempt to avoid being a pet, he's a dog at heart, never able to avoid a game of fetch and always totally terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Comet from Full House Did you guys know that this is also the dog from Air Bud?!? They're my two favorite famous golden retrievers, so I should have known they were the same dog. Comet was such a loyal dog and his relationship with Michelle was so adorable because what's cuter than a dog and a toddler?? The episode where he gets lost for a day would probably still make me cry.