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Imagine getting paid to attend your own birthday party.

There was not one person at the entire party who didn't benefit financially from Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party in Montreal, Canada. The star-studded birthday party was held at BeachClub in Montreal owned by Oliver Primeau. With a star like Kylie Jenner in attendance, the requirements alone were extremely costly but ended up to pay off in the end. Beach Club brought in $150,000 for hosting the event, promoters for the party took in close to $100 thousand ($300,000 at the door for entry) after paying Kylie.

Kylie was paid $200,000 to attend her own party. WHAT.

Primeau told TMZ and other publications that to guarantee the festivities had no kinks, he paid $30,000 to make it perfect. However, as you're reading this, you're probably wondering what kind of extra expenses were needed to provide for the already perfect party...Well...
- $1,500 so they could build a deck so Kylie wouldn't get sand in her heels.
- $4,000 to build two private bathrooms near her VIP stage for Kylie so she wouldn't have to use a public restroom.
- $10,000 for 100 security guards

Though Canadians don't seem to mind, Americans are furious.

Kylie Jenner strictly went to Canada because the legal drinking age in Canada is 18 compared to the American laws of being 21. Many American fans were outraged to see Kylie's mom allowing her to jet her way to Canada for a drunken weekend. Most Canadians didn't see her celebration as odd since alcohol is not as widely abused. In the picture above we see Kylie drinking a fruity alcohol beverage however there was not one sign of beer cans anywhere. This probably means that Kylie drank liquor for most of the night.

The Queen of Snapchat didn't disappoint.

Not only was the crowd loving Kylie, but the thousands of them even sang her 'Happy Birthday' all in unison. Kylie arrived to the party in a helicopter and left on a private water boat. She had security around her the entire time and even talked to the crowd some. I'm sure we'll see clips of her party on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as Kris Jenner is beginning to focus in on Kylie's money making publicity as of late.
On Aug. 9, Kylie threw her American birthday party at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood where her boyfriend Tyga gave her a $320,000 Ferrari. She then jetted down to the Casa Aramara Resort in Mexico. Kendall and some of Kylie's gal pals also joined in on the fun. It seems as if Kylie's birthday is never going to end.
What do you think about Kylie's birthday month?
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she can so what ever she wants she can come out and #partyinla. shit she already does