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Civil War is almost complete.

And with the exception of those who attended the D23 Expo, we know almost nothing about it. We can assume that Captain America and Iron Man will be on different sides, and to some degree we know which heroes they'll have behind them, but that's about it. Which is why a mundane leak about props is actually considered to be news...

Yeah. That's it.

There's a prop workshop in Georgia city that worked on Civil War, and they provided the furniture for Peter Parker's bedroom (via). As you can see in the photo above, it looks pretty mundane.
The comments on were pretty underwhelmed: (via)

While it's usually better to say nothing at all if you have nothing nice to say, they do have a point.

Marvel has been very tight-lipped about Civil War. They even frisked people going in to see the trailer at D23 to prevent any leaked footage. And while it's understandable that the marketing team wants to create a lot of hype around the movie, there's a fine line between excitement and frustration when it comes to these things. Are fans sick of being teased?
that looks like a pretty sturdy desk though. I bet Parker did a lot of homework on that thing. WHAT A NERD RIGHT GUYS
@buddyesd I'm so happy for you :D @paulisaverage @JeanPaulGaleano lol you're both amazing :D
Anonym civil inner child just uttered omygodomygodomygod while jumping on the bed!!!
This is important that's the chair Spider-Man sits in OMG
I'm curious to see how the handle the inclusion of spiderman to the franchise. though not curious enough to care for the desk
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