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You know it's gonna be a great day when the temperature is only 1,128 degrees minus 120 degrees. My question is why do they insist on making you do math to figure out the weather? Why not just say, "1,008 degrees"?
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Hahhaha 1128. Best typo ever. And yet still totally realistic for anything inland.
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I know! I live right on the coast and like for instance - today - the marine layer is so thick and cool coming off the ocean I haven't even seen the sun yet. It's 63 degrees with a very nice but brisk ocean breeze. Drive 20 minutes inland and it's 20 degrees warmer. Drive another hour and it's triple digits. LOL. SoCal has some crazy weather!
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@danidee - we just need to be glad we don't live in Cave Creek, AZ.
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I just stumbled across this. Didn't I tell you about the heat, @danidee?! I wasn't telling stories, woman. *crying*
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