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Yes, mermaids are real, well, sort of.

The famous daughters of Kim and Kourntey Kardashian met a real life mermaid on Tuesday. North West,2, and Penelope Disick,3, donned an adorable matching set of mermaid costumes, scales and all. It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to document this super cute moment between her daughter, her niece, and the mermaid.
The Kardashian family is currently at St. Barts, France which is a Caribbean Island collectively owned by France. Kim has been posting gorgeous photos from the island as they vacation there. Kendall Jenner was recently in Mexico and just posted a picture of herself in a bikini notifying the rest of us that she is also in St. Barts. Kylie just wrapped up her 18th birthday celebrations in Montreal, Canada. Khloé also joined Kim and Kourtney but it is confirmed that Scott Disick was not invited.
It has also been noticed that the Kardashians are also filming segments for their Keeping Up With The Kardashian television show which will no doubt fail to impress. I just want to see where they're staying on the island. Kim Kardashian is expecting a baby boy in the upcoming weeks and everyone is very excited to welcome the new baby into the Kardashian family.
But in the end, the best news is that mermaids are real. @LizArnone

What do you think of this aqua-tastic mermaid meeting?

I wanna be a Mermaid!
this is soooo CUTEEE! i wish i was them, seriously i wish i was a toddler so i could be a mermaid.
that is so cool. they are lucky to have a tail too. i want to have a mermaid tail too and go for a swim