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Taylor Swift, country star gone pop sensation has been on everyones mind since her first album dropped in 2006. Nearly a decade later Swift is one of the most famous, and most well successful musician in the world.
Yet even though every single album she has dropped as been #1 on the charts, along with countless singles that everyone has memorized and sold out concert tickets EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO FUCKING SEE HER, she is still constantly criticized because she "always writes songs about her exs."
At this point I will say to you, "You sound like a sexist idiot."
The thing is, yes Taylor Swift rewrites songs about her exs. Breaking the internet, chart topping songs about her exs, but love lost snogs none the less.
But HELLO to the music snobs who are just to cool for Tay, every other artist writes their fair share of love songs as well!
In an article on Bustle, they compared what the Rolling Stone has to say about Taylor Swifts albums and Bruno Mars albums, which dropped around the same time.
In reference to her 2010 album Speak Now The Rolling Stone said this;
"Sometimes you can even tell what chick flicks Swift has been watching from the song titles: 'Dear John,' 'The Story of Us,' 'Enchanted'."
This album had a love song percentage of 71% or 9 out of 14 songs.
Now lets take Bruno Mars album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The Rolling Stones said this;
"It's the year's finest pop debut: 10 near-perfect songs that move from power ballads to bedroom anthems to pop-reggae and deliver pleasure without pretension."
This album had a love song percentage of 70% or 7 out of 10 songs.
And whats crazy, the next album Bruno released was a whopping 100% love song percentage, and yet the the words "chick flick", "girly", "love crazy" could not be found anywhere in the Rolling Stone review.
Confusing? Nope.
Because the way Taylor Swift is being called out about writing about her relationship is sexism at its finest. When a girl writes about her exs, even if she owns up to it and even jokes about it, she is considered crazy, a bitch, high maintenance, boy crazy, love obsessed and pretty much anything else with a negative connotation.
Yet when male artists write or preform their love songs its sexy, emotional, ground breaking, and sensitive. I mean come on look at Maroon 5, shit look at Ed Sheeran!
Watch her flawlessly call out the sexism and bullshit in this interview! I love her, her love songs, and love her artistic integrity!
KEEP DOING YOU TAYLOR! You're better then all of them anyway.
@AmbieB I see what your saying and if you aren't a fan of Taylor I totally get why you would think that! But she does have hit songs that don't have to do with love relationships 22 and Bad Blood being two from just her most recent album! The idea of obsessive and clingy is one of the problems because a lot of people feel like they can describe her as that meanwhile there are so many male artists who blow up exs spots, obsessive over them, ect because it's ok to still miss and love an ex and making it into a song means putting all your emotions into a 4 minute span of time. I think the most intense songs are the best and that's why she has so many hits but the media always calling her crazy is just sexist. Blank Space also isn't even about a relationship but her mock portrayal of how the media is making her out to be in relationships !!! I am sooooo taylor swift although recently she's been pissing me off with the whole not putting her music on spotify thing EYE ROLLS haha But thanks for the comment you made some awesome points :)
Oh alright! I get your point now. :) I judt thought in your card it was a little too generalized, but yeah you're so right about that.
Ah... I just wanted to point out that not EVERY artist just writes love songs... while every artist has infact written a love song or sang one, there are some who choose other topics over love songs. ^^
I totally understand where you're coming from, but there's something about her attitude behind the songs that tends to bother me. I guess it's the fact that a lot of her songs that I hear tend to be more petty than just love songs. I have cousins that are like my siblings that were constantly in and out of relationships growing up and still are kind of that way. No, I'll admit I don't know Taylor personally, so I can't say how her relationships went down, but from the way some of her lyrics sound, it makes it seem like she just likes to play around. At times, her lyrics do make it seem like she's a bit obsessive or at least clingy, and I've had exes like that. It's not fun. I'll admit that the girl has skills. She's definitely talented when it comes to music but there's something monotonous about an artist who has tons of hits songs and they're all about their ex... It may be good material but, after a while, it starts to feel like she's getting in relationships, or even friendships, just to write songs about them. I've also been in contact with too many people that don't own up to when they do something wrong. Most of the songs I hear by her seem like all the blame goes on her ex and make it seem like she was this innocent girl that feel for another bad boy. The repetition in her stories is probably why so many people get tired of hearing love songs by her. I don't know. it's just my opinion. Lol But, hey, enjoy who you enjoy, love! ^_^
@esha haha thats such a funny description of her!! but she dresses young too!! give her a chance and take a look at some of her heart breaking songs! they are really good !
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