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Get To Spooning: Amazing Everyday Hacks Featuring A Spoon

Meet the one utensil that serves more than one purpose.

You're probably thinking, how can you use a spoon besides scooping up ice-cream? Trust me, there are so many ways and you will definitely be surprised. If you've ever found yourself wondering how you can curl your lashes without a lash curler or reduce eye puffiness without tea bags, let's just say there's a spoonful of vital information you're about to find out.
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This video keeps it short and sweet while informing you all the ways a spoon can be extremely useful in your daily life. Mary Poppin's told you about a spoonful of sugar, but she didn't tell you about a spoonful of everyday hacks. To find out just how useful your favorite utensil [or soon to be favorite utensil] actually is, check out the video.
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