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I had to share this with you all because, isn't this just a small morsel of what our expectation of love is: Always, and forever?! Since 1952, this elderly couple has united themselves to each other. Through the good, bad and ugly, they stuck it out!
Think about it, they've been together since about the time color televisions were widely available to the public!
I may not be married, or even engaged, but this photo makes me so happy. Sometimes I share photos like this of happy couples on their Big Day. Today I wanted to share something a bit different. I also want to ask, what is your biggest hope for marriage--besides growing old together like this couple?
Please share your thoughts and pass on the good vibes to brides and grooms out there. Love to hear your stories and your thoughts!
Amen to previous comment.. . Giving the gift (and hopefully receiving it too) of unconditional love. . Knowing the good, the bad, and the ugly, yet being committed to love through, unconditionally, to understand, and forgive, vowing to be there to help each other become the best each can be, through true love. .
Of course growing old together and having no doubts with each other and you know not beig awkward with anything like you can talk about anything & everything. The guy can be your dad, brother, bestfriend, everything haha
thanks for sharing @jhammond so true!
It's knowing and being known, yet still choosing to remain true and loyal to the end.