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Hey Vinglers! After missing out last week, I wanted to make up for lost time with a brand-spankin'-new prompt for this Wednesday. Everyone's stuff has been so great so far, so let's keep that energy going with more Flash Fiction!
I want to encourage my friends in the anime community to branch out into some creative writing, so I included a prompt that suits us anime nerds well, I think. I really encourage anyone who sees this card to give it a shot, and just tag me in your response so I can clip it to the collection!
Do the jam, vinglers! This time around, I'm putting a word limit of 550! Keep it in mind!

Today, I offer these prompts:

1.) There is a wedding, but not a conventional one. This wedding needs to go off without a hitch, or there will be dire consequences. Who are they? What will happen if things don't go well?

2.) After a terrible lightning storm during an anime marathon, people have been sucked into the realm of the shows. Now they need to find a way to escape or make the best of their situation.

@VinMcCarthy thank you! Alright will do! :)
@AimeeH not at all! take your time, and just tag me in it so I can add it to the collection. : )
@AimeeH do whichever one you'd prefer. If you want to do both, that's cool too!
@AimeeH that's amazing! I hope this can stir the creative forces! and @poojas you absolutely can. gif to your heart's content!
@VinMcCarthy Okay! I have to get the hamster rolling! Is there a deadline.
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