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Top Five Tricks For Engagement Photos

There's a lot of talk and info regarding photography for weddings. But what about the engagement photos?! Aren't those just as important? YOU BETCHA! That's why I've combed the internet to give you the best TOP five tricks for amazing engagement photos.
None of these are listed from most important to least important. It's completely random. The fact that they are on the list means THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT!
I also want to invite the photographers out there on Vingle to share your tricks and strategies for getting perfect engagement photos.
1. Keep it short
Professional shoots shouldn't be more than three hours. Even two hours is a long time. But definitely anything more than three hours and misery starts to set in, for the happy couple and the photographer too.
2. Fit before fashion
Of course you want to look your best! But part of looking your best is wearing something that fits you best. You know I love a good Stuart Weitzman stiletto, but if it puts a grimace on your face (or a fake smile), then it's probably best to go with flirty kitten heels or flats. Barefoot works too!
3. Underwater
Underwater shots are pretty slick...when they're done right! Here's the trick: do it right about noon, or when the sun is highest and most direct. This is going to give you the best lighting in the pool, lake or sea. Remember safety and buoys above the water to mark a no-boat zone.
4. Airbrush leg spray
Show them legs, but do it right! Lotion, just before a shoot, is NOT a good idea. Save that for after the shower. What you want is Sally Hansen’s airbrush leg spray or foundation. This is going to give you legs that look perfect and effortless.
5. Whiter teeth
So, here's how to get the illusion of whiter teeth for NO MONEY: petroleum jelly. With a q-tip, (not your fingers!), swab a dab over your teeth. Doing so will reflect light, giving the impression that your teeth are whiter than they really are.
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Now i want to do an underwater photo shoot. <3
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