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I was tagged by the ever so lovely @LizArnone to travel to a world unknown -- a literary world, that is. You can check out here amazing card here.

I mean c'mon who wouldn't want to travel to another world, a literary world at that?

I know I surely would. Although it's rather cliche, if I could travel to any literary world, the first world I would put on the top of my list would be the world of Wonderland where Alice spent a good portion of time. I grew up reading the classic novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and later falling in love with the film -- and Mister Rabbit to be quite honest.
Wonderland seemed to be a place that was weird, like myself. Each character had a quality about them that I could see in myself. Like Alice, I'm a daydreamer and often find myself drifting off to far away places. Unfortunately, during my daydreaming spells -- I've never made it to Wonderland and I would love to take a first class trip there.
I mean who wouldn't want to lay around smoking hookah with a cat, chasing after a rabbit dressed up in a suit and have a tea party with the mad hatter? Sounds like a good time to me. The good thing about traveling to this literary world of magic and wonder would be that I could return to reality whenever I wake up because at the end of the day, it would all be a dream. The idea of leaving the "real world" for even just a minute, sounds good. We all deserve a little time to disappear from the confusion of everyday life and enjoy the confusion and thrill of a magical realm such as Wonderland.
thanks for the tag!!! and I def get what you're saying lol I think we all have a little "mad-hatter" deep down inside of us, haha @LizArnone
i was hoping someone would say wonderland!! i totally wish i could be the mad hatters partner in crime because sometimes i just feel a bit to mad for this world if you get what I'm saying haha i love thisssssss so much ! thanks from posting !