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Let me guess, you're like me and you really liked Mad Max: Fury Road but there was one thing about the film that you absolutely wish was different. And that one thing was that there wasn't enough go-kart/paintball gun action.
Yeah, sure Mad Max was a high-octane, feminist, thrill ride. But sometimes you need the action to slow down a bit. And most times you need to see a grown-man in a tiny go-kart with his knees positioned in such a way that you can't imagine the pain he probably had after filming each scene (talk about commitment).
Fortunately, that version of Mad Max exists. And sure it's only one scene but, really, it's the only scene that matters.
There's something about the intensity and the grittiness of Mad Max that just shifts and changes into something so, so, so cute when you change the scale of the vehicles they're using in the car chase.
I couldn't help but feel my heart race as they acted as if they were travelling at mach speeds but I could literally feel how slow they were going while I was watching this. It looks like it was extremely fun to film and I think all of the people involved should be proud of themselves for not smiling the whole way through.
Also, check out that screenshot above. If that doesn't make you laugh then I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with you. But probably, maybe not. I just can't handle grown men in tiny cars. It's something that really gets me on a fundamental level.
@shannonl5 see you in Valhalla!
@paulisaverage may you ride eternal shiny and chrome