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Saying "I Love You" First
If Love is a game then everyone seems to be playing like morons.
Maybe its the hook up culture, maybe its the constant pressure that is shoved down our throats from every rom com, love story gone wrong, burning passion that lights up the screens on every movie channel, or maybe college is really teaching us an unhealthy lifestyle.
Whatever it is, I think everyone is missing the point of how awesome it is to say "I love you" to someone and actually mean it.
I just recently read a thought catalog article about "22 Women On Why They Would Or Wouldn’t Say ‘I Love You’ Before Their Boyfriend Does" and it seriously stressed me out.
Women mentioned that saying "I love you" first goes against the girls rules of love, that you would look needy, that its good to be "old fashioned", or that being the one that cares less gives you more control.
Now let me ask you a quick question; Does any of that sound like LOVE to you?
No. Especially the whole control thing. Because if you are seeking to have more control, the upper hand, or are worried about looking needy, your relationship is not stable enough for actual love yet.
Throw the weird rule book aside and say I love You when you are ready. If they are the one you want to tell everything to, if you can cry in front of them without feeling stupid, if they are the first person that you think of during anything, if you never get tired of being around them and if you can fight fair, apologize quick, and forgive easy who cares who says "I Love You" first?
In fact, who cares if they can't say it back right way? It doesn't change your feelings and life is way to short to not speak your mind. As long as they respect you (which they will because you Love them), it will be fine. And soon enough they'll be saying it back to you.

Because Love is Love and you might as well stop trying to control it.

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@Apecave omg yayyyyy going to look now!
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