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Growing up, I read the entirety of the Chronicle’s of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Besides Harry Potter, it was the most magical and wonderful place I had ever been!
A world of magical creatures, animals that talked, and where kids could be heroes? What’s better then that.
Out of all the books: I would have to pick the first or the third of the Chronicles - The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
While the first one is in winter, I would love to see the magic of the lamp post in the trees, covered in snow, and the evil snow queen in all her glory.
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is mostly so I can be on a ship. I just want to be on a boat.

Other things I would do if I was in Narnia:

Ride across the countryside on Aslan's back
Sword fight with Reepicheep
Have tea with Mr. Tumnus (and he wouldn’t put me to sleep)
And have my own Magical Weapon: a GIANT axe that kills only evil
And then I could just go back home and come back hundred of years (Narnia time) later! That would be pretty badass.
Props to @LizArnone for prompting this card with her card: If I Could Live In Any Any Literary World It would Be...
DO her challenge!
Awwww yes I loved these books! I'd want to sail away with Prince Caspian myself...
Narnia, to me, is one of he most inventive and unexplored fantasy worlds in existence. I really enjoyed the series, though not a lot of the religious symbolism
Hahahaha no man stealing from me @shannonl5 :) promise
eh. I think he’s a bit overrated... kinda too much of a Stud for me, personally @shannonl5
I remember the last part of journey with upside down cascade and boat crossing peaceful water. I would just like to be at the sides of main characters and experience everything they do in person throughout the whole story. Which is similar to reading the book, I suppose.
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