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So, I was tagged by @VinMcCarthy to participate in an amazing writer's prompt [see below]:
There is a wedding, but not a conventional one. This wedding needs to go off without a hitch, or there will be dire consequences. Who are they? What will happen if things don't go well?
"I mean, you love me don't you?", says Nole
"Of course I do. I just think...", replies Jessica before she is cut off abruptly.
"You just think what? If we love each other, why should we wait another day to make our love official?", says Nole with anticipation in his voice and eyes filled with affection.
Jessica snaps back quickly, "You're right. Let's just go ahead and do it. Time waits for no one."
Nole and Jessica met one cold winter's evening in the village. Jessica was walking home and slipped on snow that had quickly turned to ice after a torrential down pour. Nole saw her fall from across the street and ran over to help her up. A broken ankle, a stomach full of butterflies and a chance to get to know each other -- let's just say, the rest is history.
That was two years ago. Exactly two years, one week from today and Nole feels like it's time to take things a step further.
It's winter, yet again and that means: snow is freezing and hearts are melting because love is in the air.
Nole and Jessica would be what you call your average "hipsters". They try their best to be different to stick out and be cool, but at the end of the day -- they're usually doing exactly what the next person is doing [just on a more trendier level].
A typical wedding with a white dress and a ring bearer following flower girls is the last thing they want. They want it to be different, yet memorable.
"What if we got married in the very spot we met?", says Nole.
"Really babe? On the sidewalk? We live in New York, that would never work out.", says Jessica.
"Never say never, Jessica. Let's do it tomorrow. Craig is an ordained minister and we can have an intimate dinner with a few friends and family following the wedding at our favorite restaurant, Piora.", says Nole with a smirk.
Jessica chimes in saying, "If this doesn't go as planned, we will have to wait another year and plan a traditional wedding. I'm definitely hoping for the best. Call up Craig. Like now. Let's do this. We should do it early in the morning when the streets are less crowded."
It's four in the morning and the lovely couple is headed to Union Square to make their way to the village.
*fast forward a train ride, a quick walk a couple blocks and greeting with Craig*
Much to their surprise, the streets aren't crowded and the specific sidewalk they met on is clear.
"This shouldn't take more than ten minutes. Let's get down to business.", says Craig while cracking out his Bible.
Craig speaks loudly saying, "We are gathered here today in sidewalk matrimony..."
"Do you take this babe to be your lawfully wedded wife?", asks Craig.
Trying to fight the urge of kissing his hot, soon to be wife, Nole responds saying, "hell yeah, I do."
"Do you take this hunk to be your lawfully wedded husband?", asks Craig.
"I do.", replies Jessica and before she can even get the "do" out Nole reaches over to kiss her.
You know I "fell for you" the first night we met?, says Jessica.
They both burst out laughing.
this is such a cute story! I love the idea of these 'hipsters' trying out an unconventional wedding on a NYC sidewalk. very romantic!
full of "fluff". I love that so much!!! haha, thanks so much @LizArnone. I'm such a sap, as you can tell.
awweeee this is solo cute and full of fluff :) i love it and the pic goes perfectly with the story