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Bakura is the main antagonist of the last season of Yu-Gi-Oh and a student of Domino High whose friends with Yugi Mutou and his friends. He possesses the Millennium Ring that he wears around his neck but doesn't realize that a dark spirit (Yami Bakura) is living within the ring. In Duelist Kingdom, he snuck his way onto a cruise ship and got into Duelist Kingdom where Yugi battles in a tournament against other duelist to tPegasus. Later on in the night Yugi and his friends were camping out. Bakura confronts them and after a while of talking to them, Yami Bakura traps them into their favorite Duel Monster card, not knowing that the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle was still there. They then had a duel where Yugi and his friends were Duel Monsters of their favorite card. He was beaten at the end with the help of Bakura himself as his favorite card Change of Heart. He follows Yugi and his friends throughout the first season. In Battle City in the second season, Yami Bakura was able to seal his soul in a fragment piece of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle when it was shattered by Bandit Keith who was being possessed by Marik Ishtar. He also met Marik later on in a few episodes and join sides with him so that he may gain the Millennium Rod that Marik possessed in return of helping him gain the 3 Egyptian God Cards. Later on in a few episodes Bakura was injured caused by Yami Bakura as plan to let Marik find Yugi's friends. Marik (disguised as Namu) found Joey and Téa and had Yugi's grandpa take Bakura to a hospital. During the Battle City finals, Yami Bakura took over Bakura's mind and escaped from the hospital entering as a finalist continuing to help Marik. He appears again during a duel with Yugi who was beaten yet again but this time by one of the god cards Yugi possessed (Slifer the Sky Dragon). At the time he had a deal with Marik that if he entered the Battle City tournament and obtained the Egyptian God Card, Slifer the Sky Dragon for him, in return he could get the Millennium Rod. In Yu-Gi-Oh Waking the Dragons, Yami Bakura was seen in the past battling Atem's (Yami) Obelisk the Tormentor with his Diabound. In the final season of Yu-Gi-Oh Dawn of Duel, Yami Bakura finally takes action. Bakura was seen running away after he hears the spirit of Millennium Ring. He ended up in a church thinking he would be safe but Yami Bakura was still able to still call out to him. He told Bakura that they still hadn't finished what they had started and he immediately took over his body once again. He was able to claim back the Millennium Ring that was mistakenly taking by Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood, along with some of the other Millennium Items. He then returns the Millennium Items to Yugi and kept the Ring with him. He told Yugi that they should settle their score in the Pharaoh's world of memory, the Millennium World. He then has a battle with Kaiba by taking Mokuba as bait, but doesn't finish the battle even though he knew he would win. He gives Kaiba the Millennium Eye that he took from Pegasus in Duelist Kingdom so Kaiba may enter in Millennium World along with Yugi. He then leaves knowing that it was getting late. When Yugi and his friends were able to get into the Millennium World, Bakura reunites with a piece of soul he had sealed within the Millennium Puzzle back at Battle City. He then takes over the body as Thief King Bakura to revive Zorc Necrophades. He was able to get into Atem's Court and attack with his Diabound. Yami Bakura controls most of this Dark Game from above in another relm. He later on collects all the Millennium Items and ressurects Zorc by sacrificing Thief King Bakura. Zorc begins destroying everything in sight while Yami Bakura's other half, that was in the fragment piece of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, stops Yugi from telling Yami his real name (Atem) which is the key to stopping Zorc. He eventually loses the battle later on. Zorc is destroyed at the end by The Creator God of Light, Horakhty, sealing Yami Bakura away forever. After Yugi and friends return to the real world, Bakura becomes himself again. He heads out with Yugi and friends, along with Marik, Ishizu, and Odion, who were waiting for them outside the cavern, to The Shrine of Millennium Stone cermonial battle where Atem and Yugi face each other in a duel to see if Atem is ready to move on to his resting place.