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Dear Vingle Family,

As I was going about my day today, I thought of the time when I discovered K-pop 2 years. I decided to make this card for those of my friends to whom I would like to introduce it. I hope this card reminds you of your own journey through K-pop. :)
And for those who are new to this, this is just one of many ways for you to get into K-pop. Just know that this is from my own experience and there are TONS of K-pop groups and music styles that are not represented here. So if none of these suit your fancy, please do not give up on K-pop, haha.
Getting into K-pop is quite the commitment. So I hope you follow all the steps, as long as you are having fun throughout the process. ^_^

STEP 1 - The MV Initiation

> Listen to these 10 songs!
> Don't worry about understanding what the lyrics mean right now.
> Just watch the Music Videos (MVs) and take in the the visuals and the music itself.
> If you like any certain group, find and listen to more of their music on YouTube.

STEP 2 - Getting Used To Subtitles

> Now that you've seen a few MVs, it's time to get acclimated to subtitles.
> It might seem hard at first, but just try to focus and have an open mind.
> Some lyric translations might not make sense due to quality of translations or cultural differences. But that's okay, just keep watching.

STEP 3 - Learning About The Groups

> By now you should have a few group/artists that you like.
> Time to get to know the members and the group's history a bit more.
> For the accurate historical information, read about the group on Wikipedia.
> For fun information about each group, visit the group's Vingle page. We have ALMOST ALL of them here. LOL

STEP 4 - Get To Know The Idols

> Hopefully, you know a bit more now. Next, it's time to get to know their personalities.
> Watch their appearances on Korean Variety Shows.
> Weekly Idol, Running Man, and Infinite Challenge are good shows to start with.

STEP 5 - Fangirl And Fanboy With The Vingle K-Pop Family

> There is no better way to enjoy the K-pop fandom than with the Vingle K-pop homies!
> Come talk to us about the groups and songs you like. We would love to give you more recommendations, watch Music Videos along with you.
> Most importantly, we would love to have you as part of our awesome Vingle Family.


@SashaLove Absolutely :D @PrabhleenKaur Seventeen!
Wow fantastic baby .. Dance 馃幎馃幎馃幎 dance dance dance
The funny thing is there is one group I liked until I "got to know the members better". The more I watched this group on shows, the more they drove me nuts. This is the ONLY time this has happened to me. Most groups, the more I learn, the.more I like th.
@VinMcCarthy It's all part of being in the Kpop fandom haha XD
@MattK95 yes absolutely! but man, how do you guys keep track of all these groups and idols? it must be exhausting.
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