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Life can beat you down sometimes. There's nothing more difficult than taking a hit to your confidence. When things don't go our way, we can get flustered and shut down. Here's how to get back up when life kicks your ass, and then regain the confidence you started out with.

1. Seek a second opinion.

Okay, so you get fired, or rejected. You meet a person you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with, and they end up being a total jerk. You fall down, literally or figuratively and you start to get down on yourself. It's going to happen. When it does, you have to reach out to your friends, family, whoever you trust, and seek their honest opinion.
Nine times out of Ten you're way harder on yourself than anyone else will be. More often or not you're going to get a stellar compliment or some good advice, and that's always good for confidence!

2. Set definite goals.

It's really easy to get disappointed when you don't have a concrete goal. And no, "I want to have a lot of money...or I want to be successful" are not concrete goals. They're approximates, that can lead you astray and give you unrealistic visions of success. Instead, make a goal or two that isn't high pressure, and can actually be measured. Like: "This week I want to work out 3 times."
If you don't work out three times, then you just need to work harder. See what I'm getting at?

3. Ask yourself: did I really fail?

Most of the time we are just having a hard time, not failing. Things aren't that simple. We just need to improve. So sit down, calm down and ask yourself if you ACTUALLY failed, or if you just THINK you did. Getting this honest answer from yourself will help you get you faith back.

4. Make a list of your accomplishments.

This will let you see your confidence on paper. Put the concrete evidence of your awesomeness down and look at it. This will help you own up to the reality of how you actually are, not just how you think you are. A lot of confidence issues stem in low self-esteem, and if you have proof, you'll get yours back in no time!

5. Smile.

No really...I'm not kidding. If you smile, physically it will make you look more confident than if you frown. It can also have a bizarre effect on your mind and tricks your brain into thinking more positively, and thus more confidently.
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just do generative thing. - it is my way to regain self confidence. not that easy. anyway i love the way you emphasize points.