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Thanks again to @VinMcCarthy for this week's awesome flash fiction prompt! This is the one I chose:
There is a wedding, but not a conventional one. This wedding needs to go off without a hitch, or there will be dire consequences. Who are they? What will happen if things don't go well?
And this week I asked myself: Why not write fanfiction? Especially since the arranged marriage au has been so popular lately, I thought it would be fun to do a little drabble about one of my favorite couples: Carlos and Cecil from Welcome to Nightvale.

I call it: The Weirdest Thing I Have Ever Written.

"The cake is still moving Cecil."
It had just been a tremor, the hint of something moving beneath the fondant. Apparently they weren't supposed to dawdle on the way to the altar.
"Just stay calm. We'll get through this."
They both held hands and waited for the ceremony to begin. The hall was quiet but for the howling of the wind outside. The wind, which was full of ghosts. They were all very excited about the wedding.
"Do you know any of the words we're supposed to say?"
Cecil shrugged.
"I'm not sure what it wants."
They both glanced over at the cake. They couldn't be sure, but both got the impression that it was smiling. Carlos reached for Cecil's hand. Cecil gently squeezed back.
"At least things could be worse?" Cecil tried to lighten the mood. "You could be getting married to the glow cloud."
"All hail the glow cloud," Carlos nodded. "I mean. I probably should have mentioned this. But I..." he glanced at the cake, but its expression could be interpreted as encouraging. "Well. I think you're kind of cool. And sweet." Carlos blushed.
Cecil was a little oblivious.
"Well. Thank you. I. Um. You have a nice shirt."
The cake was both entertained and annoyed with how flustered Cecil was. It began to vibrate, sending tremors through the surrounding furniture and disturbing the cat floating above them.
"I mean, um." Cecil tried to cover for himself. "I've always thought you were. Well. I've always admired your..."
"Shirts?" Carlos offered.
"Sure." Relieved, Cecil dug into his pocket for the ring he'd been instructed to procure. "So. Here we are."
Carols nodded, offering Cecil a ring as well. "Here we are."
"For better and for worse?"
"Through sickness and in health?"
"As long as we both shall exist in corporeal form."
They exchanged rings, hands clasped.
The cake was very pleased. "Now kissssssssss," its voice rumbled.

And now, the weather.

Everyone else should look at the prompt for this week! I hope to see lots of new Flash Fiction!
is very unique. Love it
Very nice! I loved this! ^_^
I have no idea what any of this is....but I can sort of understand the narrative? in any case, thank you for responding to the prompt!
I think you did good!
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