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Whether you prefer an ombre effect versus a sombre one, it almost doesn't matter because this is one of the most lush and beautiful escort card table ideas you can create yourself!
Of course, this comes from wedding guru, Colin Cowie. In case you missed it, I shared a similar idea with you (that he also created) a short while ago. However, the cheap and cheerful flower alternative to this (more expensive) idea, is to use carnations. Click here to see what I'm talking about.
Want to do this yourself? Go for it:
1. Cover the table surface with moisture-proof plastic (to protect the table).
2. Use the thinnest faux floral *foam you can find from craft stores and adhere to plastic with double side tape.
3. Clip the hydrangeas close to the head, leaving about 2 inches stem to poke through the foam.
4. By using ALL-WHITE hydrangeas, you can control the ombre/sombre effect by using floral spray paint. Click here to learn more from @DaniaChicago.
NOTE: Hydrangeas are THIRSTY flowers! Make sure the floral foam (Oasis) is soaking wet!
*PRO TIP: Keep the plastic wrap on the foam sheet(s). using a sharp knife , gently poke holes in the plastic--scoring it in effect. This will allow you to use double side tape and give the flowers room to pierce the foam more easily.
Awe...thank you @marshalledgar for putting me in your card. I am glad you liked the spray painting idea for flowers. BTW, this is a great escort card idea. <3 <3
You're welcome @DaniaChicago I was glad to. 😃