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After watching a bunch of AMVs this week and thinking about musical accoutremont to anime, I got to thinking about anime openers. I always loved this opening above from Hitman Reborn - I think it was the 4th one they went through in the anime.
But there are other really great ones too, and I'm surious to see which opening everyone else likes! @poojas @danrodriguez @elliedean @biancadanica98 @arellano1052 @chandnip804 @AimeeH
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Naruto Openings, One Piece's opening 13 and 15, Brothers Conflict, and rhe Junjo R. opening have always been my favorites :P
Let's go classic by saying my two favorites openings are 1st season of Pokemon and Digimon :D
Deathnote opening would be my absolute favorite! But right now, I'm obsessed with the SNK opening!
Omg yes! I love Reborn!! But I also loved FMA Brotherhood's 1st 馃榿^o^
There's so many! \0/ Kill La Kill, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Deadman Wonderland, SOA, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Black Jack, Black Lagoon...I can go on! lol