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2015 is the year of the “Hive” on social media. For those unaware of the term “hive,” it describes an active and aggressive fan base.
While Future and Nicki Minaj have powerful “hive” communities on social media, no one has a more active “hive” than Beyonce. I have seen her fans on action on twitter, and there is only one word to describe them: relentless.
Apparently comedian Amy Poehler didn’t get the memo, as she went and smacked the hive right in the face this weekend.
This weekend, Amy Poehler let loose a joke about Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy on her show on Hulu “Difficult People.”
The joke was about R. Kelly urinating on Blue Ivy. “I can’t wait for Blue Ivy to be old enough for R. Kelly to piss on her.”
While Amy didn’t deliver the joke herself (Julie Klausner was used as the sacrificial lamb), Poehler is said to be very hands-on with the scripts for the series.

What was she thinking?

The #BeyHive has been on attack since the joke hit the air.

“Amy Poehler thinks its funny to produce a show speculating the molestation and rape of a minor how sick! As a mother you should be ashamed!” said one fan on twitter.
“I really love Amy Poehler. Like truly with my whole Grinch heart, but that joke she ok'd for her show about Blue Ivy is just tasteless” said another fan on twitter.
Amy may want to make a public announcement and apologize for this joke. BET “106 and Park” show made a tasteless comment about Blue Ivy and the show suffered a horrible fate in the end. The producer of the series was fired, the show was suspended for a week, and, eventually, 106 was canceled unceremoniously after a 14-year run several months later.
Word of advice to Amy: Apologize, many times. Send a peace offering to the #BeyHive and pray they accept your sacrifice.

If not, her show could be next on the chopping block.

This wasn't funny at all. There is absolutely nothing to laugh about when it comes to the sexual assault of a minor. Nothing.
It was a very disgusting "joke."
or sexual assault of anyone! it was so low and so not funny.