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Wanna ball like Jean-Ralphio on the track?

Add an extra syllable to your freestyle raps, son.

(Yes, that was the best I could do as far as writing a rap goes.)
This video just makes my life. Jean-Ralphio and his sister are the ~wooorrrssstttt~ (sung with corresponding hand gesture). But also somehow simultaneously... the best?
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@ButterflyBlu Omgggg, what peppermint hot cocoa do you use?
@AlloBaber *gasp* thank youuuu! Random late night inspirations... Haha!! @danidee homemade. Super easy and quick if you keep crushed up candy canes or peppermint in a jar or bag, pre done and waiting. (Make sure it's air tight.) We crushed them up Thanksgiving day, which was crazy town, but the minion enjoyed it. I did most in the processor, but I put some in a Baggie and gave him the rolling pin and let him smash and roll. Then, the processed pieces melt instantly with the chocolate, but the smashed pieces are slower. (By the way, you don't have to let a kid or crazy person do the larger pieces, you can just do them on a pulse, or slower setting in the processor.) So then, if you were making homemade hot chocolate OR a store bought, add as much peppermint as you want. Do you already have a good homemade recipe?? My boyfriend's mom is a retired chef/pastry chef and chocolatier and OMG! The hot chocolate! The everything chocolate! Lol
@ButterflyBlu Omg. I DON'T HAVE A GOOD HOMEMADE RECIPE. I was expecting you to be like "Instant Ghiradelli is my shit #YOLO". NOW I FEEL LIKE THE LAZIEST HOT COCOA DRINKER EVER. Tell me your secrets.
Lmao! Poor @danidee! Not even twenty minutes after I posted that, my boyfriend was looking for something in the pantry and pointed out that there was a can of instant Starbucks on the top shelf. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW. Short people struggles, yo. I think my bro gave it to me. (They always give me their hot chocolate or tea or coffee when a coworker gives it to them as a gift at work...and they Always get it at work. SCORE!) I will share my secrets! My guys have decided that we're having a special day Friday. We aren't having dance classes or school, so they decided that we should be making and decorating cookies. We are also making hot chocolate. I'll take the time and post my recipe JUST FOR YOU!! It's really, realllly amazing! :D
@ButterflyBlu I'm super excitedddd. My sister is visiting on Monday for the week, so I'll make sure to test it out with her lol.