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@LizArnone created a literature-based writing challenge where you're asked to write about the fictional world you'd like to live in. Liz wrote about Ombra, the enchanted world described in 'Inkheart' by Cornelia Funke, while @shannonl5 (the one who tagged me) wrote about Terre d'Ange of 'Kushiel's Dart' by Jacqueline Carey. There's also been MANY others that I still need to check out. And believe me, I will.
I'm really bad at reading fiction novels. However, I am completely unashamed of my lifelong love of graphic novels. Growing up, I lived next to a small comic book store, and occasionally, I'd walk over there with some lemonade stand money to buy the latest volume of 'Bone'.
'Bone', a comic book series by Jeff Smith, is about three bones that are brothers - Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone, and Fone Bone. After Phoney gets them kicked out of their hometown, Boneville, they somehow find themselves in a small village called The Valley.

And this is why The Valley is the proverbial shit.

The Valley is expansive and beautiful.

Eat your heart out, Oregon. If you like nature, The Valley has a little bit of everything. There's mountains to hike, waterfalls and hot springs - just steer clear of the Rat Creature Temple. They'll probably try to cook you up into a quiche.
Rat creatures have to eat too!

The Valley is protected by the most mellow dragon ever.

Meet The Great Red Dragon. He's pretty much the nicest guy (er, dragon?) in the Valley. Not only does he protect inhabitants from intruders, but if you're lost, he's great at directions.
Stay on his good side, okay?

And then there's the Valley's Annual Great Cow Race.

Own a cow? Want to race it? The Valley's Annual Great Cow Race is the biggest event of the year. You can even place your bets at Barrelhaven Tavern, the lone bar in the area. You just might be able to win it big!
Just don't pull a Smiley Bone and cheat.

The view at night is beyond compare.

And you thought our purple mountains had all the majesty. Check out the range bordering the skyline. Plus, small village = less light pollution. In the Valley, you can see a galaxy of stars circling above you.
Travel in pairs. Rat creatures love a midnight snack.

And The Valley natives are incredibly friendly.

The hillbilly folk of The Valley are always quick to make a visitor feel right at home. Take Gran'ma Ben, for example. She basically runs the village. She even shares the same social circle as the Great Red Dragon.
Did I mention she's their biggest badass too?
Sure, it might face some rough winters, but to me, The Valley seems like a quirky paradise filled with grandmas with superhuman strength, toothpick-chewing dragons, and cow-racing festivals. What could be better?
I was never really into comics but this one seems AWESOME !! My question is would you rather be a bone brother or the awesome dragon!
Wow @danidee I've never heard of this either, but it looks really adorable :) great card!!
I love this comic! @LizArnone @buddyesd you should definitely check it out, it's got a lot of heart ^_^ thanks for reminding me of this awesome story @danidee
@danidee I never heard of Bone before, it looks so cool!! I gotta look for it