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When you see the word “It was dope!” come out of a senators mouth, you know it’s going to be a good debate. Though these weren’t actual sentences by the politicians... I’d say that this is a lot more entertaining and insightful.
Lip-dubs have the power to make any weird political debate fun!

Here are some of the highlights...

When Huckabee was loud.

When Rand Paul interrupted with “You just froze a baby!”

Followed by... “GENITAL WARTS!"

ALL of Governor Bush (that giggle though)

AND the best part of all of this...the final song!

“You’ll have thirteen seconds to make a closing statement in the form of a short song."
If this was the real debate, Dr. Ben Carson would’ve obviously won!
He’s truly for the average American mouse.
This is probably my favorite lip reading yet.
It’s probably my favorite one too @danidee! the music was a nice touch @LauraFisher! you have to be so clever to do that...
I'm so glad someone takes the time to do this. Seriously, it must take forever to do a funny lip reading but the results are just amazing.