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A few weeks ago I shared with you a dazzling red moodboard by Brachetto Weddings, which you can see by clicking here.
For this card I wanted to share four distinct photos of what red looks like for weddings. If you're planning a red themed wedding, be sure to include unique details.
For instance, if you're donning a red dress, make it an unusual cut or design. The combination of both red and the unique qualities of it will make it pop and purposeful, rather than a red version of an off-the-rack white dress.
For your bridal bouquet, make it a collage of different reds and different types of flowers. We've all seen the only-red-roses type of round bouquets that have become quite popular since the 90s. Mix it up for more visual texture between the petals and the hues. It makes it more dynamic and more trend-worthy on social sites versus another red rose bunch.
These ruby red cubic zirconia drop earrings are haloed by diamonds and can make all the difference in your dramatic portraiture than solitaire stud diamonds or pearls. Make your wedding not just memorable for the color, but absolutely dazzling through unique details that require some thought and extra attention!
@marshalledgar wow her dresses are so pretty and really detailed love them
I should have mentioned it in the card; the dress you see here is Marchesa. Click here to see more stunning wedding season looks by Marchesa.
Wow that dress is so cute and it will definitely stand out ♡