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Arroz Con Huevos (Rice with Eggs)
This is a super simple recipe. Some Latin dishes can actually be very easy. This is one of those meals you have when you want to cook up something fast, easy, and inexpensive. And if you're like me (obsessed with beans), you can throw some beans on that plate, too. I didn't grow up with arroz con huevos, but my friends did. When I was a kid, I remember going over my friend's house, and saw them eating rice and eggs...
I thought it was brilliant.

What You Need:


How To Make It:

1) In a medium-heat pan, add oil. Fry egg to your liking.
2) Make rice.
3) Serve fried egg over white or yellow rice.
Also: If you're lazy to cook the rice, you can always buy microwavable white rice. Which is like....my go to.
In Costa Rica, we eat arroz con huevos scramble egg style. But after watching your post, I'd like to try them separated too. oh, and do you put white cream with rice there too or not? (not mayo)
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growing up this was a regular meal but we ate it with white rice... Sometimes I even ate white rice with just ketchup... man brings me back to my childhood.!!! ☺☺☺
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